Thomas Klein

Lead Developer

I'm a Magento enthuisiast!

  • Good practices Addict, I continually improve myself and I'm not affraid of QA.
  • Contributor, when I can improve some open source code or I that can help someone, I run phpstorm and git to create a pull request!
  • Curious, I like to discover the new frameworks, how they works and which technologies and architectures they provided.
  • Great adventurer, I like to spare my time to read code and repositories on github.
  • Studious, I'm interested in design pattern and software engineering.
Thomas Klein - Lead Developer
Stories written by Thomas Klein

Feedback from E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019

3/8/2019 - #culture-web #ecommerce

In February 2019, the Blackbird team (Caroline, Emilie and Thomas) got the opportunity to visit the Ecommerce Berlin Expo event for the first time. This event is the largest in the capital, welcoming more than 5000 visitors and 150 exhibitors every year. Thanks to its 40 speakers and 4 conference rooms, this exhibition was able to offer visitors a large number of conferences about the latest trends in the world of e-commerce. 

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Create Custom Logs in Magento 2

8/31/2017 - #development #extensions #magento

In Magento 1, there were many log files to separate different logs (for payment methods, etc.) and it was easy to change the target log file just by changing the $file parameter of Mage::log. But Magento 2 has changed to build their logs with Monolog library. 

In this article we will discover how the logging system in Magento 2 is different compared to Magento 1, how it works and how could we reclaim it and make custom log files.

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Blackbird Launches Monetico CM-CIC

11/2/2016 - #ecommerce #extensions #magento

The CM-CIC payment gateway

Are you searching for a great and easy-to-use payment gateway? Monetico is the solution to integrate!

The bank group CM-CIC and Desjardins have developed Monetico, a more modern and up-to-date solution which replaces the CyberMUT and CM-CIC payment gateways.

This extension integrates Monetico into your Magento 2.x and provides a one-time payment method, advanced configuration (environment, order status, cart management, cancellation message, 3D-Secure...).


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The Magento 2 migration tool box

4/14/2016 - #development #ecommerce #magento

Migrating to Magento 2

Magento 2 was officially released 5 months ago and some merchants have already adopted it. Should you migrate your Magento 1.x website to Magento 2? How should you do it? Which tools should you use?
The Magento team describes how to proceed in their migration guide. But how do things stand?
We have summarized them for you and we give you the best advice to successfully perform your migration!

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Install Schema Generator

3/9/2016 - #development #extensions #magento

Easily transform your database table into an installSchema!

The Magento 2 release has led many agencies to rewrite their extensions in order to adapt them to the latest version. For example, the table creation script.
But how can you easily generate a setup script without having to do everything once again?
The Magento 2 architecture has been improved and the change or creation of tables is done in the “InstallSchema.php” file, located in the “Setup” folder in your module root.

Discover our free extension which easily generates your InstallSchema file from your existing data!

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