Ukal - Evolution of the e-commerce ecosystem

UKAL is a key player in the field of livestock: wholesaler of small livestock equipment and electric fencing for 55 years.
This time, they were faced with two complex and distinct challenges. The first was to increase the number of features for their professional customers, in order to build loyalty and increase sales. The second one, on the other hand, was based on an aging website, and a desire to present support and expertise through the Ukal Tech, Ukal Agri and Ukal Green worlds.

Réalisation : April 2022
URL : Ukal

Family company and committed to the agricultural world, we have been working with them since 2018. Ukal offers products that facilitate the daily work of farmers and help them meet the challenges of tomorrow.
We had already accompanied them in the design and development of their B2B e-commerce site under Magento 2. Our collaboration continues today on the evolution of their e-commerce ecosystem.

Increase in the number of features for B2B customers

In response to this first issue, we installed our Quick Order extension to allow CSV file upload by the customer, for automated and accelerated cart creation.

We also allowed the download of PDF catalogs online while giving Ukal the ability to track these downloads. The possibility of payment on outstanding amounts has been implemented, as well as the choice of a precise delivery date to get as close as possible to the expectations of Ukal's customers.

Finally, in order to facilitate the communication operations of UKAL's professional customers (resellers and wholesalers), we have developed for them a private access to an image bank for an optimized POS advertising.

New homepage and highlighting of expertise

A complete overhaul of the homepage has allowed Ukal to meet the need for modernization on its site. This redesign is accompanied by an optimization of the loading times, justified by lighter files and a very particular attention paid to the performances.

The menu has also been redesigned to be more in line with Ukal's strategy: to include entries redirecting to SEO and CMS content, thus diversifying from strictly commercial content and highlighting the various Agri, Tech and Green expertises.

In response to a strong need for personalization, it is also possible to display only certain menu items, provided that the user is logged in. This menu is supported by a second one, lateral and anchored to the scroll, greatly facilitating the contact between Ukal and its customers.

What impact?

After so many actions, more than encouraging results have been observed:

  • +20% increase in sales from 2020 to 2021 for UKAL;
  • a strong increase in the average cart;
  • a better follow-up of the customer and a more targeted expertise for him;
  • an increase in the conversion rate.


Découvrez les débuts de notre collaboration !

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