The famous French Syrup brand Monin had some taste choosing Blackbird and our extension Advanced content Manager to manage their editorial content.

Réalisation : December 2015
URL : Store Locator de Monin

Project specifications :

We have developed their Store Locator that is, in this case, a Beverage development Manager Locator, a way to identify the right person in charge of a particular region of the US.

Visitors have 3 different ways to find the information they need:

  • from the “Find Monin” search bar
  • on the map where each Sales representative is identified with a logo
  • in the contact section 

The user can directly contact the sales representative through email.

The Store Locator was created with Advanced Content Manager and is easy to manage from Magento’s back office. It enables the Admin to add or suppress any point of sales, and to easily adapt to the Monin business growth. 

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