This one-of-a-kind marketplace connects Employee Committees and Leisure activities Providers. It is based on powerful Search and reservation tools and also offers the possibility to mutualise the booking with other Committees from other companies.

Réalisation : August 2017
Design : Néon Graphics

Project Specifications : 

Website based on Magento 2.x, with many additional specific developments : 

  • Middle Office for the leisure services providers where they are able to :
    • Manage the ads
    • Manage the booking requests
    • Follow the orders
    • Manage the availabilities

  • Front office for the Employee Committees : 

    • Research activities by location, dates and number of participants
    • Making an option
    • Participation to a mutualised activity
    • Booking and advance payments
    • Order’s modification possible until a limit date
    • Download ready-to-use communication kits to inform the employees
    • Employees registration (in progress)

  • Payment extension : MANGO PAY

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