Maison Kitsuné - UX Redesign

A more fluid and pleasant UX, notably enabled by the integration of Algolia's boosted search, coupled with a redesign of the listing and product sheets; Autonomy in content creation and linking of distinct instances between Magento and Wordpress: these are the subjects on which we have accompanied Maison Kitsuné lately. A long-lasting and fruitful collaboration with the French-Japanese B2C ready-to-wear brand!

Réalisation : September 2021
URL : Maison Kitsuné

Minimalism is on the menu

In order to provide a more fluid and pleasant user experience, we have integrated a Mega Menu using our Advanced Mega Menu Manager extension. The style is refined: both in the header, which shrinks when scrolling in order to keep only the essentials when browsing, and in the footer, more coherent and including the social networks chosen by the brand.
A little Blackbird touch for mobile users: in addition to the famous hamburger menu, you can navigate intuitively thanks to a new drop down menu.

We roll out the red carpet for you

In order to make Maison Kitsuné's digital teams autonomous in the creation and administration of content, we called upon our Advanced Content Manager extension. This complete autonomy includes the creation and use of custom content types: two blocks (two images side by side), video, look (two linked images, each referenced to a different product), or landscape/portrait banner. All this while fully animating the homepage to make it more interactive and engaging.

Interconnected universes

Who says different universes says distinct instances, the Fashion universe being on Magento, we synchronized and shared the menus between Magento and Wordpress to allow a fluid and immersive navigation between the different instances.

Sophie Deleporte, digital project manager at Maison Kitsuné, tells us about her experience:

What was the purpose of this UX redesign project?

Maison Kitsuné has three universes: Music, Fashion and Coffee. However, the navigation was not clear and the Coffee and Music worlds lacked visibility. The objective was to put the three universes back on the same level.

What was your experience with our team?

Blackbird did the development on our Magento platform. Working with Blackbird was a great experience. [...] On a project like this, there is often a domino effect that is created because one change leads to another. Blackbird was responsive on this aspect of the project, in addition to providing good follow up and lots of communication.

In summary:

The result is what we expected. There are other redesign projects we want to do on our Magento platform. We have full confidence in the Blackbird team to accompany us in these future projects, especially in the choice of features and performance optimization of the site.

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