Hartford - Transmission of technical direction and Visual Merchandising

To approach our collaboration with Hartford, the B2C ready-to-wear Casual Chic brand, we decided to highlight two key points:

  • A transmission of technical direction, on topics such as omnicanality, international sales management, performance optimization, tracking and improved interconnection with its IT tools
  • the installation of our Visual Merchandiser extension, complementary to the centralization of product information on the PIM, which has made it possible to provide speed and ease of product scheduling and thus to react quickly to catalog fluctuations related to seasonality and promotional operations.

Réalisation : July 2021
URL : Hartford



Technical leadership transfer

Hartford wanted strong technical expertise on a variety of topics: omnicanality, e-marketing levers, tracking, performance optimization, improved interconnection with its IT tools, and the evolution of its international sales management...

We began by conducting a performance audit and a quality audit of Hartford's existing technical infrastructure, in order to identify the performance and process optimization levers in place.
We then focused on Hartford's immediate needs and the steps they were taking to address growth areas such as Facebook product flow evolution, CRO, tracking analytics, and marketing automation.

The team also established a roadmap with different projects and a weekly follow-up of the operational and organizational part.

Afterwards, it was necessary to plan the technical interventions of the different roadmap projects.
A weekly follow-up of the progress of the projects and their repercussions allows us to take advantage of the data collected and to discuss new subjects that will lead to growth.
The dynamics of these steering committees are also characterized by a constant technical and web marketing intelligence.


Hartford Customer Area
Hartford's Customer Area


Merchandising Reorganization

Hartford's product catalog is created and populated on a PIM (Product Information Management) tool and then these products are organized and promoted through their Magento 2.
The tasks involved in merchandising these products were handled by a tedious and time-consuming tool.
In order to be able to anticipate new collections, new product categories and sales, Hartford needed more autonomy, ease of use and speed of intervention.


We installed the new flagship extension developed by Blackbird: Front-end Visual Merchandiser.
This extension is a versatile, innovative, very extensive and easy to use tool that allows you to merchandise your products from a front-end view of the site. At the same time, it allows you to collect statistics on the sales performance of your products in real time to analyze the right product combinations. Visual Merchandiser also benefits from a drag & drop technology making merchandising simple and intuitive.
We also customized the extension specifically for Hartford to meet their technical requirements and improve performance in terms of processing time.

 Hartford's testimony

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