GameO - Co-creation and Agility

GameO embodies the passion of gaming and offers a range of products that meet all the needs of video game enthusiasts. Founded by the Belgian multimedia distributor CLD, we helped them develop their e-commerce platform on Magento in a project that was characterized by co-creation in a context that was extremely conducive to Agility.

Réalisation : February 2021
URL : GameO


The challenge of co-creation

Seven developers worked together on this project: five from us and two from GameO. This co-development project represented a major challenge: how to manage a project where two separate teams are working together?
Our team focused mainly on the development of client-specific features:

  • the creation of a customized Exclusive Deals module, supported by our ACM extension, allowing promotions to be run in a very short timeframe, thus playing on the limited aspect of the offer, all of which could be managed in a completely autonomous manner by the GameO teams
  • the highlighting of products in the menu through the use of the A3M extension
  • design and integration using atomic design, which saves time and harmonizes styles.

We didn't stop there, and trained the GameO teams in project management: organizing priorities, managing risk, estimating tasks, making decisions, etc.
This training met the need to structure and improve collaboration internally, but also with their various service providers.

A favorable context for Agility

The scope of the project was refined after the launch of developments. The functional outlines were not validated at the beginning, but were arbitrated throughout the life of the project. This allowed GameO to benefit from a high degree of flexibility in terms of the project's progress and scope: prioritizing certain functionalities, adjusting the style, adapting the artistic direction, cancelling non-essential features, and integrating needs that were initially out of scope.
By the way, if our project management experience piques your interest, then our article on the mistakes we all make is for you.

Testimony of Jérôme Ansel, lead e-commerce developer at GameO

What was the origin of this project and its goals?

Originally, the creation of GameO allowed CLD Distribution to fill a need for a site that would regroup its activity and various aging sites, while replacing the main site for selling video games:

What was your experience with our team?

The creation of the site went very well, all the more appreciated in the context of co-creation of two distinct teams of developers. We also liked our ability to ask questions directly to Blackbird's developers, the useful and extensive meetings, the availability of monitoring tools, but above all the high quality of the code, accompanied by a follow-up throughout the project and an unfailing responsiveness.

Why did you choose Blackbird?

First of all, I knew Blackbird, I knew how you work and in the development world it's worth all the gold in the world. Beyond that, Blackbird is starting to have an important name in the Magento ecosystem. Moreover, you are located in Alsace, like us!

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