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Blackbird offers Magento optimized Hosting solutions for your eCommerce website.
Hosting trought the world

Our servers are based in France and North America .

secure hosting

We offer fast, stable and safe.

Mutualised Hosting
(on a server limited to 3 instances)

CPU time (3.4GHz+) and shared Ram (32GB)

Server optimised by Blackbird

€70 / Month
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Dedicated hosting


CPU 3,4GHz+

4 cores / 8 threads

32GB of Ram

Daily Backups, 14 sliding days

Server optimisation by Blackbird

€239 / Month
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Dedicated infrastructure

2 Front-end servers (120GB SSD, CPU 3.4 Ghz+, 32GB Ram)

2 Database servers

1 Load Balancing IP

Server optimisation by Blackbird

Starting at:€399 / Month
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Server Features
Server FeaturesStartupProfessionalExpert
SSD Disk      
PHP 7      
Server optimisation and management by Blackbird      
Put into service in less than 48h      
 SSL certificate      
Backups every 6h during 14 sliding days (max 100GB)      
Backups every 6h during 45 sliding days (max 500GB)      
Blackboard© Monitoring      
New Relic installation (*)      
Upgrade to 3 servers (1 database server + 2 front-end servers + Load Balancing)      

(*) New Relic subscription not included. See prices on New Relic's website 

Any questions?


Does the Magento optimized server guarantee my eStore's performance?

The optimized server is the first step toward performance improvements, but it also depends on the quality of the code of your website and its maintenance.

We can also offer a technical audit of your website.

When will I be able to cancel my plan?

You are free to cancel your plan whenever you want, through a simple request. You will have 30 days to make the hosting transfer, from the day you sent us your request.
What really matters to us is that you have good reasons to stay.

Is the server also optimized for Magento 2?

Yes, our optimisation is made to push the performance levels of both Magento 1 & 2 to their best!

Is it possible to install several Magento instances on the same server?

You can install as many instances as you want with the “Professional” plan. To ensure the best level of performance, we recommend you put only one instance into production (the others could be validation, pre-production, tests etc.)

Is there any server installation fees?

No extra costs on top of the subscription.

Can Blackbird handle the migration of my website?

Yes of course. To do so, we will probably start with a technical audit of your eCommerce website. Tell us more about it!

No time commitment

5/7 support

System update

Magento Ready

Magento ready

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Blackbird is a web agency specialized in the development of eCommerce websites. We are Magento Experts and we offer our services and advice for e-marketing, strategy, branding, deployment and methodology.

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