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After several years of experience in computer science, I had the opportunity to acquire solid bases in multiple fields including the web. This field is vast and evolving day by day, so it will allow me to learn constantly and never get bored. I chose this specialization because in the working world if there is one thing important, it is to love what you do.
My passions are also related to computer science, from devouring TV shows to video games and following the e-sport scene and new technologies.

Kévin Weyhaupt - Magento Developer
Stories written by Kévin Weyhaupt

3 alternatives to MySQL Workbench

8/31/2020 - #development

For local web development, we usually use PHPMyAdmin or PHPStorm's embedded tool, as they are easy to use, fast and complete. But when it comes to handling pre-production and production bases, it's a bit tricky, because, for security reasons, installing PHPMyAdmin isn’t recommended. So what’s the answer? SQL in CLI, connected in SSH? No thanks – it’s not very practical.

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Boost your Magento backend performances with REDIS!

10/24/2019 - #development #magento

What’s that?
Redis is a cache system using the RAM of the server to rapidly access the data with a key / value combination.
I am going to introduce you how to implement Redis on Magento and boost your server side performances. I hope this article will be as fast and efficient as Redis is!

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The recipe for a good Data Model on Magento 2 - Part 1

3/22/2018 - #development #ecommerce #magento

The menu today : realise a good data model for your future projects on Magento 2, eventhough this is not French cuisine, we wanted to offer you our recipe. 

As a recipe, there will be different steps to realise and here is the list of ingredients and preparation to make :

  • Part 1 : preparing the main ingredients
  • Part 2 : adding flavour
  • Part 3 the Chef’s secret

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The recipe for a good Data Model on Magento 2 - Part 2

3/22/2018 - #development #ecommerce #magento

Part 2 : Adding Flavour

At the moment we only have the business-class-model part, we need to add the relation with our datas. To do so, we will create our “resource models”. The resource models enable to link our models with the data base. Here the classes inherite from AbstractDb in order to accomplish some operations before or after different actions on the database, for instance « after/beforeDelete», « after/beforeSave » but above all to define in the constructor the table and the primary key related to our object using the “_init” method.

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The recipe for a good Data Model on Magento 2 - Part 3

3/22/2018 - #development #ecommerce #magento

Part 3 : The chef's touch

The entity manager is available since version 2.1 of Magento. First and foremost I have to bring to your attention that since version 2.2, its use is not recommended by Magento anymore, here is what the framework says about the class “EntityManager” :
“It is not recommended to use the EntityManager and its infrastructure for the Persistence Entities. In the next version a new “PersistenceEntity Manager” will be created in order to cover the needs of the persistence with the API requests for the reading of the datas.”

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