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Blackbird is a team of Magento experts.
We are enthusiasts and believe that Magento is the best solution for your e-commerce website with real development growing abilities!

Magento certified Developper   Magento certified Developper   Magento certified Frontend Developper

Anthony Grutter - Chief technical officer - Co-founder

Anthony Grutter

Chief technical officer - Co-founder

6 years of web development experience and 5 in e-commerce, I'm a passionate fullstack developper with an exceptional knowledge of Magento's themes and in specific developments.

Conscientious and rigorous in my work, I closely respect coding standards and take performance very seriously.

Jérémie Bouchet - Chief executive officer - Co-founder

Jérémie Bouchet

Chief executive officer - Co-founder

With 10 years experience, I'm your best friend to grow your e-commerce safely.

My skills:
• Technical and performance audit, business consulting
• Gateway integration, backend & extension development
• Teaching, Training and web community leading

Benjamin Samson - Chief design officer - Co-founder

Benjamin Samson

Chief design officer - Co-founder

A real web enthusiast, with over 18 years’ experience supervising challenging technical projects, I know how to build an efficient team and I will bring creativity and attention-to-detail to your project.

My skills are large and cover all management activities: Consulting, Analysis, Specification writing, Design and UX consultancy, Storybording, Business Analysis, Project management support, Teaching, Training ...

Ceyhun Kaplan - Project Manager

Ceyhun Kaplan

Project Manager

My passion for Magento grew up when I was developer for Blackbird Agency. As time goes on, I became project manager and a true Magento aficionado. 

I'm here to help the #blackbirdTeam to create great eCommerce platforms! And I like chocolate :)

Thomas Klein - Lead Developer

Thomas Klein

Lead Developer

I'm a Magento enthuisiast!

  • Good practices Addict, I continually improve myself and I'm not affraid of QA.
  • Contributor, when I can improve some open source code or I that can help someone, I run phpstorm and git to create a pull request!
  • Curious, I like to discover the new frameworks, how they works and which technologies and architectures they provided.
  • Great adventurer, I like to spare my time to read code and repositories on github.
  • Studious, I'm interested in design pattern and software engineering.
Emilie Wittmann - Magento developer

Emilie Wittmann

Magento developer

I have 5 years of experience in development on dedicated applications to te press.
Now, I want to discover the e-commerce world.
After work, I really like cookery: be it mine or not!

Etienne Gutbub - Magento Developer

Etienne Gutbub

Magento Developer

After a degree in computing, I’m presently specializing in web development.
I love competition and challenges to keep on improving. In my spare time i’m a Starcraft 2 player.

Kévin Weyhaupt - Magento Developer

Kévin Weyhaupt

Magento Developer

Currently in an IT formation, I had the opportunity to acquire solid foundation in many domains, including web development. This domain is vast and evolves more and more every day, it will allow me to learn constantly and never get bored. Therefore i chose this specialization because in the world of work if there is one important thing, it’s to love what you do.
My passions are also focused on computing, watching series and playing video games with his “esport” scene.

Régis Grutter - Magento developer

Régis Grutter

Magento developer

With almost 10 years of experience as a freelance web developer, I've worked on various exciting projects.

All the different aspects of websites creation have no secrets for me anymore, well almost! Actually, the Web is in constant evolution and we keep on learning new things every single day. This is exactly what makes my job so exciting !

With my wide vision and skills, I eventually decided to get specialized in eCommerce and the Magento solution.

Jérémie Poisson - Magento Developer

Jérémie Poisson

Magento Developer

Passionated about the computing world since I was young, I was naturally attracted by development. As time went on, during my studies, I turned toward web development. Now, I spend most of my spare time improving my knowledge and working on personal projects.

Maïa Kopff - Front-end developer

Maïa Kopff

Front-end developer

I have 5 years (and 1 in Canada) of experience in responsive themes development. I am now applying my skills on Magento.

I’m into code quality & web accessibility.

At lunchtime I’m making other Blackbird’s members discover board games: pirates, monsters & exploding kittens! ⚔️

Caroline Dalla Serra - Project Manager

Caroline Dalla Serra

Project Manager

After a bachelor degree in foreign languages, I took a deep dive into the fascinating world of web where I discovered a passion for very different languages.

Back from Japan where I mastered Kanban, Kaizen, and Origami, I started the great adventure of project managing in Blackbird Agency.

I do everything it takes to make the experience as enjoyable as successful for both our clients and the Blackbird team !


And you? - Would you apply for a job?

And you?

Would you apply for a job?

You are fullstack developper? Magento specialist? geek? you want fun and join an awesome team in France? Or you prefer work @home and drive your work through Skype & Slack?

Join us! 

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Blackbird is a web agency specialized in the development of eCommerce websites. We are Magento Experts and we offer our services and advice for e-marketing, strategy, branding, deployment and methodology.

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