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How to be prepared for the launch of your eCommerce Business

3/24/2016 - #ecommerce #management

by: Ceyhun Kaplan

The eCommerce marketplace is fast-growing and thus raises enormous interest from the investors.

Almost 75% of the Americans bought at least one time on the Internet in 2015. It is a growing trend as mobile purchases are gaining in popularity.
The project must be thought through before building the eCommerce website in order to ensure its viability.

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Install Schema Generator

3/9/2016 - #development #extensions #magento


The Magento 2 release has led many agencies to rewrite their extensions in order to adapt them to the latest version. For example, the table creation script.

But how can you easily generate a setup script without having to do everything once again?
The Magento 2 architecture has been improved and the change or creation of tables is done in the “InstallSchema.php” file, located in the “Setup” folder in your module root.

Discover our free extension which easily generates your InstallSchema file from your existing data!

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Magento < LIBXML with PHP-FPM triggers error randomly

2/19/2016 - #development #magento

by: Anthony Grutter

If your Magento website is crashing randomly with the error code 500 and a note about the line 71 of Mage/Customer/Model/Session.php, this article is for you.

Whenever you refresh a page of your website, you may get your page or this error. The more visitors you have on your website, the more often the error occurs.

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