4/17/2018 - #Agency life #ecommerce #magento

It is now a tradition, when comes a new season, it’s time for us to give you some fresh news about the agency.  So, what happened to the team Blackbird since our 2018 flourishing wishes? Here we go :


We can say that the year got off to a great start with 3 projects passing the move-to-production step : two Magento 1 and one Magento 2 :
-the new home page and category pages of Banana Moon went online, just after the the checkout optimization. Work is still in progress on this great Magento store, we will be able to show you some newly designed and optimized pages regularly this year.

We also have the chance to work on really exciting projects at the moment, among them, a project of eCommerce in Africa. That implies lots of challenges in terms of shipping methods, payment methods, user authentication, everything is about custom development. The website will be ready in the next couple of months.


The latest extensions by Blackbird is Estimated Delivery Date for Magento 2. It enables emerchants to add a crucial information to their Magento 2 store : estimated shipping and delivery dates with a really precise configuration thanks to conditional trees.
Our store continues to grow, with a total of 10 extensions now and 5 more to come !


We welcomed a young intern (French equivalent of 9th Grade) doing a one week stage at the agency. Already determined to become a futur developer, we were pretty amazed to see that he was already familiar with CSS and HTML and we introduced him to PHP.

We will welcome 3 more team members in the next couple on months and we really look forward to it.

News in brief :

→5 hoverkart in the open space
→4 AOE nights
→3 people injured playing indoor football
→2 seasons of Casa de Papel
→1 licence holder of Béhourd (Medieval Combat) !
→1 tooth pulled out
→4 birthdays
→1 trip to Vietnam
→1 trip to Italy
→1 trip to Sweden
→1 Pull Request on Magento

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