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by: Charline Ferré

Is your e-commerce site ready for 2022?

Web users are more and more demanding and the battle for visibility is getting tougher and tougher. That's why Blackbird offers you, in this article, 6 Magento extensions to help you meet your digital strategic challenges.

From reassurance elements to product catalog structuring or delivery, the main obstacle to purchase, discover these new e-business opportunities.




1. Get the attention of your users


In 2019, 92% of companies that adopted inbound marketing had real positive impacts on their conversion rate and 64% of e-marketers spent more budget on it than the previous year, according to a study by HubSpot.

We can list the basic content that we find on most websites, namely:

  • Home page
  • “About” page
  • FAQ
  • Product sheets
  • Legal information and terms and conditions

These are the first elements of reassurance so that your prospect can navigate serenely on your site knowing who you are and what you do.
Reassurance points are elements that will strengthen the trust of Internet users in your merchant site and meet the challenges of inbound marketing.

According to the BDM, 15 elements of reassurance are essential in 2021, including:

  • "About Us" page
  • “Contact" page and contact elements
  • Payment information
  • Delivery method and cost
  • Return and refund conditions
  • Product data sheets
  • Customer reviews
  • Legal notice and terms and conditions
  • Other pages on the ethics and values of the brand.

Finally, several reassurance contents can be developed in order to increase your visibility and the acquisition of your target to face the competition.

Create and structure your Magento content endlessly with the Advanced Content Manager 2 extension from Blackbird

Create all your content easily and quickly, in accordance with your design and brand image, while offering a new user experience thanks to a personalized structure of your content.

Advanced Content Manager 2 extension is the most powerful CMS extension for content creation on the market, and an unfailing ally of e-merchants and agencies worldwide working with Magento.
Do you want to know why? It's here:

a. Content creation

Create a wide range of custom content types using the Content Types that you have predefined via the module.

With its WYSIWYG editor, structure your content at your convenience using various types of fields:

  • Text fields: provide clear and readable information
  • Files: Add files, images and videos for a dynamic rendering
  • Selection mode: choose the solution that suits you
    • Drop-down
    • Radio buttons
    • Checkbox
    • Multiselect
  • Date or Date and Time
  • Relationship system: create a link between your content and your products
    • Product
    • Category
    • Content
    • Content list
    • Attribute
    • Customer
    • CMS Block
    • Widget
  • Others: because it's never custom enough
    • Country
    • Currency
    • Language

ACM2 blocks are highly customizable. They integrate perfectly with your Magento and give you autonomy in content creation and structuring.
Once the Content Types are created and integrated by a developer, you are independent in the creation and maintainability of your content.

b. Duplicate your content structuration

Any created field can be reused and repeated indefinitely. You have no limit.

Creation of a new Repeater Field

c. Optimize your page visibility with SEO

Maximize your visibility by managing the natural referencing of your created pages:

  • Declare URLs
  • Define keywords and meta descriptions
  • Open graph

You will thus deliver a 100% relevant content, adapted to your activity and your target.

Meta Tags fields to optimize content


d. International businesses ?

All fields can be translated via your e-shops or your stores view. Whether it's your SEO, your content or your URLs, design and deliver optimized content dedicated to your market.

Want more?

  • Advanced Content Manager is compatible with Page Builder (since version 2.3.4) including drag & drop technology to make content creation even easier.
Adding new content with Page Builder
  • Import and export your content and content types from the back office
  • Link your content with one another, with your products, the customer, the category or the product attribute
  • Generate script or PDF files
  • Add Facebook Open Graph data
  • Meets the requirements of Responsive Design

Advanced Content Manager 2 for Magento is a turnkey extension for all your content creation and structuring. Intuitive solution for webmasters, customizable for developers and easy to use for e-marketers, the module meets all your content requirements.

Organize your product catalog from the front view with Blackbird's Front End Visual Merchandiser

Natively, Magento allows you to manage large item catalogs. But it's quite a tedious solution for your internal teams to visualize the front-end rendering for each product by going back and forth between the Magento back-office and the front-office. Imagine reworking the visual merchandising of 150 products of the same category: doable, but definitely time consuming.

Think efficiency and ease

This module has been designed to meet your time and view constraints when organizing your catalog.
Thanks to the intuitive Drag & Drop technology, move the product cards in your different categories directly from the front view.

From an overlay of the front view, you can manage the layout of your products on one or more categories at a glance.

A session system has been developed to allow you to spread your work over time and save your work to come back to it next time.
The Front-End Visual Merchandiser extension is also designed for team collaboration. The work session system offers you the possibility to :

  • correct actions by going back
  • share your work with other team members before validating the catalog.

Product information such as inventory or sales are also visible when you simply hover over a product card. This data allows you to choose the most relevant products to put forward and thus optimize your product catalog.


2.Convert your target


This is the ultimate goal of any e-merchant.
We all want to see our conversion rate soar, but in reality, it's not that simple.

Several studies have been conducted to understand the brakes on conversion.
According to the Baymard Institute, the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment are:

  • High shipping costs (55%)
  • The site wanted the user to create an account (34%)
  • Long or complicated checkout process (26%)
  • The customer could not trust the site with credit card information (17%)
  • Website had errors or crashed (17%)
  • Not enough payment options (6%)

The most common themes were:

  • how slow the site was
  • the delivery
  • the payment process
  • UX-UI Design sometimes not optimized

We are going to focus on one of these issues: the delivery.

Delivery, an essential point of the transformation rate

Sendcloud conducted a survey on delivery, the major obstacle to online shopping for the French, and here is what emerged:

  • The cost of delivery remains the first choice criteria when making an online purchase
  • 75% of French consumers have already left an online site because of delivery costs deemed too high.
  • 36% of French people no longer accept delivery charges for a shopping cart over €150.
  • 17% of French people are not convinced by the proposed carriers
  • A large number of customers declare to have been slowed down by the lack of options or information concerning shipping.

Configuration of shipping methods on Magento 2

Magento 2 offers 7 delivery methods in its open source version.
You can go to Stores > Settings > Configuration
Once you get to this page, go to Sales > Delivery Methods and you will find the configuration of the 7 delivery methods that you can activate depending on your requirements.

Delivery method included in Magento 2

The configuration of delivery methods may, in some cases, present some limitations. For example, when you want to cross complex delivery rules by weight ranges, by geographical zones and to activate on one or more of your websites, if necessary:

  • The inability to manage complex pricing rules
  • The inability to choose shipping methods by weight and by geographic zone.

The choice of carriers for the orders generated and the costs negotiated will be your own. It is important that your visitors/customers are quickly informed, during the purchase process, of the cost and estimated time of delivery of their order to prevent conversion problems.

Communicate clear delivery information with Blackbird's Estimated Delivery Date

Blackbird's Estimated Delivery Date extension configurations are designed to facilitate the implementation of various delivery information rules, including a clear display of the order delivery date.

Discover the main features of the extension:

  • Delivery date displayed on one or more strategic pages of your e-shop
  • Delivery date displayed in order emails and history
  • Configuration of out-of-stock and in-stock products
  • Specific parameterization possible for each product (depending on the product attribute, for example

Dynamize the time information with :

  • A space available to animate your delivery times (countdown)
  • Creation of a personalized message

An extension that adapts to you and your store:

  • Flexibility of the tool to integrate your specific rules and exceptions: creation of conditions for your product catalog and cart conditions.
  • Specific configuration for each store and/or e-shop
  • Adaptability to the logistic specificities of your company and its seasonality (vacations, weekends, order preparation time, transport time from the warehouse to the customer, etc.)

Thus, thanks to this extension, your visitors/customers will have a visible, precise and adequate delivery date during their shopping journey, which will engage their trust and limit cart abandonment.

Don't let inventory problems slow down your sales

It happens to all of us! The success of a product that goes out (too) quickly, a delivery problem with the supplier, products stuck in customs, in short, many scenarios exist for you to end up with a product out of stock.
According to a 2018 Consumer Brands Association study, nearly 1 in 5 items would be unavailable online.

Turn your losses into new business opportunities

Ultimately, the solution lies in the problem: set up an alert to notify your users and customers that the product is available again.
You sweep away with a gesture all the brakes to the purchase and the frustrations before they even occur.

What does Magento offer natively?
You can set up a stock alert on Magento. Go to Stores > Settings > Configurations > Catalogs > Catalog.


Magento can respond to stock problems, but only partially. The alert is only available if all child items of a parent item are out of stock. The configuration and customization of alerts can be further worked on.

Customize your alerts with Blackbird's Customer Item Stock Alert

Blackbird's Customer Item Stock Alert extension allows your users and customers to create alerts on specific and defined out of stock products taking into account the product size and pivot attribute.

You can set up alerts for all default product types managed by Magento 2 (simple, configurable, bundled products, etc).

Creation of a product alert with the Customer Item Stock Alert module

You can also create and customize an alert message for your customers and prospects.

If you want to conduct a marketing and/or sales operation with your users/customers who have an alert, you can export the grid in order to extract, analyze and interpret the data.

3. Optimize your Magento e-commerce


Several configurations and strategies are possible to optimize a shopping site.
You can carry out a natural referencing strategy, improve the wording of your product pages and/or contents for the sale, take care of the internal linking or limit the loading time of your pages.

Since June 2020, Google's algorithm has incorporated 3 indicators to measure Core Web Vitals:

  • The loading speed via the LCP
  • User interaction time with the page via the FID
  • Content accessibility via the CLS

Improving the loading time of your site and your pages is therefore an essential point in the optimization of an e-commerce site. After 3 seconds of waiting, 57% of the users will leave the site and among them, 80% will never come back to the site in question.

Different actions can be taken to avoid this situation:

  • compress the weight of the visual media
  • fix 301 redirections and/or 404 errors
  • remove unnecessary elements: duplicate images, inactive plugins, etc.
  • optimize links and rework the internal mesh.

Once all of these tasks have been completed, you can turn your attention to the JS files to limit the number of server requests in particular.

Limit page load times with Advanced JS Bundling from Blackbird

Blackbird's Advanced JS Bundling extension was designed to make it easier and faster to implement front-end performance optimizations by improving the native generation of JS bundles.

You can thus:

  • define for each section of your site which js files to load
  • define the js files to be excluded from the bundling process

With this extension, the loading time of your site will be faster and evolve according to the user's path.

JS bundling is a native Magento feature that aims to group all JS files needed to run the site. Instead of loading 200 separate files as needed via RequireJs, all resources are preloaded in 1 file and directly available when used in the code.

Why not use the native JS bundling feature of Magento?

The set up process is very tedious and prone to many mistakes. Most webmasters give up. Besides, the documentation does not work for Windows users.

When testing the Advanced JS Bundling demo by Blackbird, you will find that all the administration options are available from the Magento 2 Back Office. This is what makes this extension easy to use and quick to set up.

Easily manage 301 and 302 redirects

As we have seen previously, the configuration of redirections is part of the optimization of your e-commerce site.
Indeed, it happens regularly that some of your articles are not renewed due to your commercial strategy or stock management, and your users will arrive on a 301 or 302 error.
They will then be frustrated and this will have an impact on your bounce rate and your brand image.

You can manage this problem on Magento natively, however, it may be long and tedious, because it means rewriting your URLs in 301 and 302 error redirection manually.
Modules exist to manage this redirection problem. However, you may find yourself blocked on certain points such as the bulk management of redirects, the choice of the type of redirect (301 or 302) or the possibility of choosing a redirect to a specific category.

The redirect solution: Discontinued Product Redirect from Blackbird

With Blackbird's Discontinued Product Redirect extension, create and set up 301 and 302 redirects on your non-renewed products from your Magento backend.

You will then be able to:

  • Define permanent (301) or temporary (302) redirects
  • Define the categories to which the non-renewed products must be visible. Same for redirecting a product to another product.
  • Perform mass redirection operations.

All this while preserving your SEO work and your netlinking strategy.
This extension has been designed to make its use intuitive and fluid to carry out your actions.

We have provided you with a first choice of relevant extensions for the management of your online store on the Magento 2 solution.
The choice of one or the other extension will depend on several factors internal to your company as well as the field of activity and the targeted customers.
Determine exhaustively the list of modules you want to bring on your site and the needs they meet before making a final choice.
Discover other extensions specific to Magento 1 and 2 on our Store.

All of the proposed extensions are delivered with:

  • 60 days of free support (possibility to extend the support time)
  • A space dedicated to your questions and requests that will be handled by our team of experienced developers.

The advantages of choosing Blackbird extensions:

  • Our developers are certified Magento 1 and 2
  • Our extensions cover many areas.
  • The extensions we create are the result of a customer need that can not be natively satisfied with the Magento base.
  • All our extensions are Opensource

If you have a need or expectation that has not been addressed, our team of developers can create a turnkey solution. Contact our e-business department for more information.

Blackbird Agency, creators of e-commerce sites and experts in the Magento solution for over 6 years. Generators and editors of innovative extensions for Magento 2. We will be delighted to start a new adventure with you, contact us and let's have a coffee together to discuss your digital project.


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