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It’s finally summer! And here we close one more accomplished season from a year of growth (plant growth), at Blackbird Agency.


One of our great news of this season: our team is getting bigger (on the feminine side). In early May, Milena joined the team for marketing and communication related tasks, more recently Maïa joined our dev team for front-end projects and finally Caroline (#2) who just arrived to help on project management.

Also, in May, Blackbird (quietly) celebrated his 3rd year, without a lot of festivities because our projects were taking a lot of our time. You may say “excuses” and we answer “it’s only a postponed celebration for us”.

Some events had a place on our busy schedule: we participated on the yearly week-end organized by OpenGento, a french Magento developers association which we are a part of. Three members of our dev team went to this year’s positive and intense edition, in Auvergne! Why not next edition in the lovely Alsace?
Benjamin attended the Kiwiparty as a participant and Maïa as a staff member. A great day full of presentations and discussions about many web-related subjects. Who is down for us doing a presentation next year?
Finally we were also present at Conversion Summit, in Paris, to follow interesting presentations and meet the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) actors.

Lastly, more on the sporty side, the Blackbird team (or rather the motivated ones) participated in a two-week competition between companies from Strasbourg: Au boulot à vélo (cycling to work). Curious to know our counter? We cycled 375.3 km (good but not awesome).


In particular, we are proud to announce our recently implemented projects: Art Cuir on Magento 1 and Anatopik on Magento 2.
➜ We invite you to check them out, and don’t forget: it is sales period!

We are still actively (and passionately) working on Banana Moon ‘s online store: after the checkout we are now working on the redesign of their product pages and their Store Locator.

Nothing can stop us: four more projects are in progress and will come out soon.


The main novelty from our extensions involves our leading extension Advanced Content Manager and the release of its waited functionality: Repeater Fields!

We are currently working on a package of extensions dedicated to African e-commerce: be excited, it launches this autumn!


➜ The beautiful terrace is slowly getting filled: 2 tables, 1 BBQ, 1 darts game, 2 chess games, many deckchairs, 1 hammock (Ceyhun’s of course)... and even a shower!

➜1 trip from Strasbourg to Abidjan, being 15.134,2 km travelled, and this not counting the 3 visits from our client Uniwax. Our carbon report takes a hit but this project is very much worth it (you will see it soon)

➜ This year’s world cup is now the star of the show and since the 14th of June sports betting have been a subject of debate. Against all expectations, Milena and Jérémie P. are leading and all football experts lag behind. They are (slightly) annoyed.

Some figures for our finishing touch:

  • 541 “merguez” grilled on the BBQ
  • 16 deckchairs (+1 hammock) 
  • 3 afterwork parties (per week)
  • 3 x 1 BBQ on fire (but, don’t worry, the “merguez” were saved) 
  • Not many holidays (and yes, we know it’s vacation season)
  • 1 welcome party
  • 5 anniversaries: “Etinene”, Benjamin, Régis, Caroline and Kévin


Co-author: Milena Vilaseca Malé

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