10/6/2017 - #Agency life

The 4 seasons with Blackbird thread continues as Fall arises (remember our "one year with Blackbird" Gretting's card). Time to tell you how was the summer like at Blackbird !

  • Kévin (don’t need to introduce him anymore) is back from Canada where he was first really cold and then really hot. He just started a Bachelor Conceptor and Developer and will do his apprenticeship with us ! (and yes, he had to organize his 2nd Welcome Party)!

  • Oriane is gone to Montpellier to continue her studies after one year at Blackbird as an eCommerce project Manager. She sends us plenty of sunny snaps from the seashore and we wish her lots of success.

  • Ceyhun is back, previous Magento developer, he is now back “home” as an eCommerce project Manager.


The projects

Summer was not really synonym of “farniente”, as we’ve been working on many missions and different projects: launch of production, integration, responsive Design adaptation, technical assistance, TPAM, e-marketing advice…

Now we are pretty excited to start working on 3 new projects in different fields. We shall tell you more about this later on this winter.

Focus on the extensions !
After the success of Monetico for Magento 2, we started our partnership with the bank CM-CIC by developing the Magento 1.x version of the Monetico extension.

The very last extension that we’ve developed during the summer is now available: Admin Stock Alert, a simple module that allows the eMerchants to receive notifications by emails when some products reach low stock levels.

We currently work on other extensions, that will be launched on our store and on Magento Marketplace by the end of the year.

The Agency life :

Last June, we have celebrated Blackbird’s second birthday… in a shop !

Why in a shop? Well, we have chosen the Web to Store as the theme of the night : the art of switching from the online shop to the physical store, this is why we decided to celebrate it at the Orange Store (telecommunication).

We had the pleasure to meet with our clients and partners for a convivial evening where everything was about eCommerce with a conference by Eric Voltzenlogel from Proximis about the Web to Store. If you’re interested in this topic (and you understand French) our Facebook live (made by Hook) is still online on our page.

The celebration carried on the day after with some of our customers who came from other regions of France to show them our beautiful Strasbourg, on foot and on a boat !


Other major event of the Summer (I told you, we don’t have time to get bored): we’ve moved out ! The original 2 year lease of our business nursery came to an end, we had to find a new “home”. And we did, we now share a large open-space, much closer from the city center, with 5 other companies that we’ve met in our previous business nursery premises.


We share our premises with 5 other young and dynamic companies :

Awaken (Startup of IoT that save lives)
DevGuys (Drupal Agencies)
Voodoo (Game app studio)
Idéage Formation (health care professional training)
iTekCare (mobile device repair)


Now we have plenty of space, lots of plants, a huge terrace, a small dog, Harold, a gold fish, some drones, large windows with a view over Strasbourg cathedral, yes it feels good now !


Summer, in short :

  • Paris Retail Week trade show

  • More GIT PUSH

  • The BlackbirdJoke (blaguebird in French) Slack channel sends too many notifications…

  • Lots of GIT PULL

  • Anthony got a soccer table for his birthday (now in the meeting room!)
    More and more GIT commit

  • Only downside : the gender parity ratio fall down to 9% (1 person)... :(


Now that Autumn is here and nature is slowing down (IRL), for our part, we are entering into the high-peak season of the eCommerce world with two major events coming : Black Friday and Christmas.

We will tell you more about this intense period later this Winter, with a glass of hot wine, in the meantime, follow us on :  Instagram, Twitter et Facebook!

Written by: Caroline Bosc

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