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In February 2019, the Blackbird team (Caroline, Emilie and Thomas) got the opportunity to visit the Ecommerce Berlin Expo event for the first time. This event is the largest in the capital, welcoming more than 5000 visitors and 150 exhibitors every year. Thanks to its 40 speakers and 4 conference rooms, this exhibition was able to offer visitors a large number of conferences about the latest trends in the world of e-commerce. 





The exhibitors

This exhibit is the place to be if you want to meet a large variety of e-commerce players, from marketing and web development, through payment and delivery methods. 



Early in the morning, we started our tour by visiting Mollie's booth, an effortless payment solution. Based in the Netherlands, they have been developing a solution that allows merchants to access easily many payment solutions according to their needs.
The idea is to centralize from a dashboard (not on the website) all payment methods. They can be directly administered (activation, restriction by type of customer, basket...) without any developer intervention!
The solution is completely transparent to the final customer.



Shopsys is one of a kind e-commerce framework. Like Sylius, this framework could be considered as an alternative to Magento.
The two solutions, Shopsys and Sylius, share the same approach: an e-commerce project must be easily maintainable, scalable, efficient and developers should have complete control on it.
The framework offers only minimal functionalities: the management of stocks and prices is, for example, very simplistic. It is up to you to develop them according to your customers' needs. If a feature becomes recurrent on projects (approximately over 80%), Shopsys will implement it in the core of the framework.
Shopsys goes even further by synchronizing your favorite tools such as ERP, PIM, CRM or DAM. This framework aims to make it easy to integrate them and transform their data flow to create the best e-commerce sites.

However, Shopsys wish to mainly attract big clients who develop their e-commerce solution internally. Two versions are available:

  • Community License: sales must be less than €12M/year, €3M/semester
  • Commercial License: €600/year, per developer working on the project

The solution is still new and might need to gain some maturity. Nevertheless, Shopsys is very surprising since it seems to go against today’s popular technological approaches (micro-services, headless...).
All we can do know is to keep an eye on this solution and follow its evolution!

ecommerce Berlin

The conferences

50% by 2020: Preparing for the Future with Voice Search

This conference was presented by Dustin Coates, Voice Search Go-to-Market Lead at Algolia. Did you know that 29% of people are already searching for products using voice search ? The strategies are usually different. For example, people tend to make complete sentences, which is not the case in written form. It is important to adapt the filters and main information (keywords) of the search.
Colgate has understood the importance of voice research, when looking for example "How many teeth do we have?", voice research offers us an answer from Colgate.
Remember that the time of the day when the research is conducted has an impact on the results. For example, search on a Sunday afternoon does not necessarily have the same context as a search on a Monday morning.

The closing sentence: "Put a mic on it!"


Understanding Data Science: the basis of a successful AI and Machine Learning strategy

Everyone has heard of the latest technologies: artificial intelligence and machine learning. Nuno Batista, digital marketing specialist at Swatch Group, gave us advice on how to get started with these two.
Indeed, they have major interests in today's e-commerce:

  • Predict user actions
  • Propose products in adequacy with the customer's desires
  • Detect payment fraud
  • Content aggregation for merchants

However, these technologies depend on the data you dispose. Because of the GDPR, it is important to filter directly those you want to keep or not, no need to overload yourself with data, keep those that have the most value.
You will then have to feed your data into your algorithm. Don't worry, many libraries already exist and work very well (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras...).

How to prepare your webshop for International expansion

Internationalization happens before the beginning of any project. This is the process of foreseeing the challenges of developing a product for multiple countries, and many measures need to be taken into account. Aleah Raquel Belluga, Senior Partner Manager at Mollie, was referring here in particular to the payment services : you need to adapt them to each area in which you wish to expand. In addition, she mentioned the impact of cultural differences and local laws, the need to provide support in each language used, and the necessity to offer appropriate types of delivery systems.


Optimizing for Search Bots

Fili Wiese, SEO Export at SearchBrothers.com presented us different tips and the main steps to optimize your SEO:
Speed is very important for SEO: It would be ideal if a robot can visit your entire site in 1 hour.
Lighthouse is an open-source tool which allows you to perform a free SEO audit
Sorting: differentiate indexable URLs from non-indexable ones.
Caution: canonical urls cannot replace permanent redirects: 301.
Avoid using javascript rendering for content as much as possible.
The url settings during crawls can make duplicate content.


In brief

The team returned to France loaded with new knowledge and (lots of) goodies, not only looking forward to experimenting with the new technologies highlighted at this show, but also to applying the best practices seen at the conferences.

We are (the champiooooons, my frieeend) ready to meet your new needs ;

"War" Treasures

  • 15 tote bags
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • popcorn
  • 5 pens
  • 1 lion plush
  • 1 blue pony <3
  • 13 key rings
  • 7 card holders
  • 5 stress relief balls

Written by: Thomas Klein, Caroline Dalla Serra, Emilie Wittmann

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