11/4/2019 - #ecommerce #magento
by: Jérémie Bouchet

One year after being held in Barcelona, the Magento Live event is back. This time, Adobe and Magento welcomed us in the city of Amsterdam from October 21 to 23.
We attended a very colourful show: orange, more precisely, like the Magento logo or the Dutch football team's jersey. Coincidence? Not really, because Adobe and Magento have setup everything to offer an outstanding experience. evelations, news, updates, success stories and the announcement of the roadmap for the year 2020 were on the agenda. PWA Studio, Page Builder, Adobe Sensei, version 2.3.3, security improvements: Magento has not skimp on its efforts to provide many answers to e-commerce professionals.


Magento Live, a gathering of the European community

Even if the event ran for 3 days, Monday was intended for two very special events: a workshop to prepare for M2 Solution Specialist certification and meeting among Magento Partners.

We had to wait until the next day to understand what Magento was preparing for us

The opening keynote of Tuesday morning, très américaine, was not unpleasant to see :)

The message of this Magento Live was clear: Adobe wanted to remind us that Magento belongs to them, and had plans for the e-commerce platform.

Fair enough, because the Ebay X. Commerce project never saw the light of day, it was a good way to get back in touch with the major challenges :)

Besides, we were very well received: the RAI Amsterdam is big and comfortable, it was not possible to be hungry or thirsty, and we met some friends (cc @zepekigno)

Finally, just like they did last year, Magento organized a few sessions to pass the certification exams on site :)

Magento Commerce 2.3.3. : a selection of new products

Already available, version 2.3.3 for Magento Commerce brings its share of new features and is more complete than ever.

It now supports: 

  • PHP 7.3.X 

  • PHP 7.2.X

  • version 6.2.0 of the Varnish cache solution.

Magento Commerce 2.3.3 also supports several improvements related to ElasticSearch and  the internal search engine.

Version extends GraphQL's functionality for integrating PayPal payments and managing carts and gift cards for guest users.

Overall, the Magento Commerce 2.3.3 version introduces many other new features, more stabilitythan ever and brings no less than 75 security improvements

Most importantly, version 2.3.3 reintroduces and improves new tools:

  • Page Builder, a powerful layout and content management system tool with a drag and drop system.

credit: magento.com

  • PWA Studio, a tool with many features that allows you to create your own Progressive Web App using Magento.

We were introduced to a whole new set of features:

  • Adobe Sensei, a super AI for data analysis and collection.

  • Integration of Adobe Stock directly into the Backoffice for quick addition of multimedia content.

PWA Studio: e-commerce boosted by phone features

The subject was on everyone's lips before the opening of Magento Live 2019:

How can I offer a better customer experience on mobile ?

Magento and Adobe respond with PWA Studio which is the tool to create a Progressive Web App that will use the mobile’s features of users.

The objective is to offer him an experience similar to a mobile App. 

Accelerometer, geolocation, push notifications, etc. are all features that your business can take advantage of to further convert users and therefore increase your conversion rate.


credit: magento.com


PWA Studio, Page Builder and Magento Commerce's many native features allow you to free yourself from the constraints of application development languages and exclusive presence on the Apple Store or Play Store.

Adobe Sensei: the data master

Predictive analysis, intelligence, constant evolution... are the definition of a true Sensei.

Adobe Sensei and Magento Commerce Cloud for Magento were introduced to us as the ultimate tool for: 

  • Analysis of customer behaviours

  • Sales and traffic data reporting

  • Content proposal according to purchase habits

  • Automation of content management

credit: adobe.com

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Adobe Sensei will analyze, understand, and learn from users to propose additional purchases, predict purchase intentions based on users behavior, and provide you relevant data about your business.

"Wait and See" mode activated on the release date of this tool on Magento Commerce... We are eager to see what the Sensei is capable of.

Adobe Stock: a very practical integration

Adobe Stock, Adobe's image bank, will soon be integrated into the Magento backoffice media gallery. Still in the project stage, the integration will provide a search interface to explore, preview and use Adobe Stock images in Magento.

The main interest, in addition to direct access to the source file, is the easy payment and authentication method.

credit: magento.com

We even had a look at UI prototypes.

M1/M2 migration: there is still time (and will still be in June 2020)

The M1 to M2 migration was discussed during a one-hour conference dedicated to the subject.

Placed under the prism of planning, the conference was organized as a discussion between Ray Bogman, Business Solutions Architect at Adobe, and Jos Pieters, eCommerce Manager & Product Owner at Jac Hansen.

Topics such as project construction and internal acceptance, best practices for preparing and designing the migration action plan, optimizing costs or accelerating GO Live.

We even had some reminders of project management, agility and tools such as MoSCoW :) (“Must have this” - “Should have this if at all possible” - “Could have this if it does not affect anything else” - “Won't have this time but would like in the future”).

Patchs de sécurité

Magento announces the "New security-only patch": merchants can now apply this security patch without having to worry about installing hundreds of functional patches for applications installed in Magento. 

Pretty practical, isn't it?

Substantial safety improvements bring:

  • PSD2 compliance with the main payment methods

  • the correction of 75 critical safety issues

  • significant improvements that enhance XSS (inter-site scripting) protection against future exploits. This work is the culmination of several months of Magento's efforts to significantly reduce safety deficiencies.


Adobe and Magento were prepared and came up with tons of news, advices and tools for their collaborators

From small businesses to large groups, and without forgetting  the developers community, the participants of Magento Live 2019 were all able to feel involved.

Magento and Adobe have some great things in store for us... we are looking forward to work with you on this great solution. 

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