3/21/2019 - #Agency life
by: Benjamin Samson

If you follow us, you have understood that we are committed to the changing seasons. Symbol of both the passing of time and the perpetual cycle of life (Ooooh). We remain ourselves as we continue to progress (Aaaah). Spring ends in Winter and opens a gentle transition to Summer. The blossoms are growing, still afraid of the last frosts, while the rainbow ponies appear on social networks. Clear signs that it is time for us to tell you about our adventures over the past three months.


Travel travel...

(... Further than night and day).

Anthony and Thomas were able to experience the migration of storks for a week. They deployed their wings to Abidjan to finalize the launch of the UNIWAX site.

We had already discussed this project in previous seasons. Well, this is the culmination of these months of work. An online site for selling loincloths that you can customize by changing the colors and adding a design. The loincloths are produced and printed directly when the order is placed. A Magento that drives production!

Through this project, we have also implemented:

  • logistics, in other words the follow-up of the delivery from the factory to the hand delivery. This follow-up is ensured by mobile terminals, connected to Magento, thanks to which the logisticians inform the platform of the different steps followed by the parcel until the handover to the customer.

  • payment via mobile phone, via operators such as ORANGE MONEY and MTN Mobile

We'll tell you more about it in a future post dedicated to this beautiful project.

Emilie, Caroline and Thomas (again) wandered through Berlin among the stands of the Berlin Expo E-commerce and listened to the speakers who imagined the future trends in e-commerce. You can read their report here.


Blackbird Store v2.0

It's not that we were bored, rather the opposite in fact, but when we have to move forward, we move forward. That is why we have put our energy and passion into redesigning our own online store.

Not only do we make our store understandable to French speakers (necessary when we sell the Monetico connector for Magento from Crédit Mutuel and CIC), we are also trying to make a breakthrough into the American market by offering the currency in American dollars. The f... it's fancy, isn't it? :)

Figures and numbers!!

It's funny, this passion for numbers. You want to know how many coffees we drank? How many nerve balls have crossed the set from East to West? too many, too many... we are no longer counting them.

No, we're going to talk to you about our coffee supplier instead. Ahhhh... because our coffee is the best you can drink in the area. Roasted with love by the Varenne burner, we have a choice! Coffee from Guatemala, coffee from Burundi, coffee from Mexico... it is according to your preference: sweet, harmonious or fruity?

Not decided? You want to taste it? just give us a call ;) 

Any news from the Projects?

Some actions often go unnoticed. Indeed, at Blackbird we continuously work on our customers' projects, to improve them, to maintain them, to beautify them... A little like a gardener who takes care of his plants with passion;) The season review is a good opportunity to talk to you about it:) Here is a brief and quick overview of the improvements made to the shops of our beloved customers:

Banana Moon: Addition of a media center (a scoop for you: it's not officially online yet, it's being powered).

Besson Chaussures: new checkout and implementation of an AB test between the old and the new. To test it... there is no choice, you need to make an order. It's a good weather to buy your canvas sneakers for a pleasant spring;)

MesSortiesCE: Works Councils now have the possibility to export the list of participants in an event and the discharge forms.

Art Canapé: that's it, the blog is running and is powered!

Cache Coeur Lingerie is now hosted by servers carefully managed and optimized by Blackbird :)


That's all folks :)


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