7/2/2019 - #Agency life

We waited a few days to publish our traditional seasonal article until we were sure that it was finally summer. It is true that with the heat yo-yos of the last few weeks, it was not that obvious. Now that the mercury is proudly approaching 35° in the shade, we can tell you about this spring, which has been rich and always intense at Blackbird.





The Blackbird Store is doing well! 

Our sales are progressing well and we are now offering:

  • CB payment via Monetico, and since you are never better served than by yourself, it is thanks to our Monetico CM-CIC 2 extension that it is now possible:

  • The payment in US Dollars ($$$$)

We are still working to improve the store and the visibility of our offers, including specialized hosting for Magento stores and extension licenses dedicated to agencies and partners. Stay tuned!


About the store! In June Blackbird Agency celebrated its 4 years old! And for this occasion , we’ve decided to organize a little contest on Twitter... so go on the link below, retweet the post and follow us for a chance to win our Advanced Content Manager extension for Magento 2.x !


Projects that are constantly evolving!

At Blackbird we like stories that last, especially because it's always for good reasons. Our customers are evolving and are in a constant quest to improve and optimize their sales. We have improved our organization to provide them with better support with all our expertise.

Here are some examples of evolutions that we have implemented during the spring: 


Besson Chaussures:

The site selling affordable shoes is improving every day a little more. We are preparing a great redesign with a clear goal: to increase sales!

  • Implementation of the omni-channel loyalty card. Customers can now view and modify their information in connection with their store loyalty card and take advantage of the offers as if they were there.

  • CRO analysis and implementation of measurement tools (heatmap, synthetic and exhaustive dashboard), to better understand visitor activity.

  • UX analysis and graphic redesign... which will soon be available on the site.



The underwear brand that sublimates large sizes has new features to unite customers and simplify delivery.

  • Implementation of Colissimo pick-up point delivery on the www.sanscomplexe.com  website with its network of 17,000 merchants and partner post offices.

  • A whole sponsorship system will soon be in place, the rewards will be really attractive! To be continued.


The French brand specialising in maternity and breastfeeding proudly displays a brand new navigation menu and a fully manageable slideshow. All this is obviously based on our essential Advanced Content Manager module.



The site that allows Works Councils to organize and manage team outings is maturing!

  • MesSortiesCe.fr becomes MesSorties.fr and will soon open up to other customers: associations and companies. Stay connected!

  • We had already added the possibility for participants to register for events organised within their company, now outing organisers can create sub-accounts for their employees and give them specific rights on the creation of advertisements, the placement of an option and the management of payments. 



Finalization of the project with the activation of B2B accounts and ordering means. Now customers can connect and see the products with their own prices, and of course order :)


The Team!

Nicoleta joined the team to refine and implement our e-marketing strategy.

Gaspard started a two-month internship to assist us on the commercial side.

Clément is now on permanent contract at Blackbird, and it's something to celebrate! For this occasion, he initiated a part of the team to one of his passions, the role-playing game. Some of us were therefore able to travel among the stars or protect a precious cargo of malandrines.

As there are many of us, it is always complicated to gather the whole team for the season photo. I let you guess who wasn't there the day of the shooting :)


See you soon!


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