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by: Caroline Bosc

We are pretty excited to welcome our third guest for our Monthly Magento interview as she, (yes she, it’s a girl!) is a key figure of the Magento community.

Rebecca L Troth defines herself as a Magento extrovert, as she works as a Magento project manager at iWeb agency, she also provides a lot of interesting contents to the community through her blog and her youtube video channel.

Web designer, developer, channel manager, blogger and more, we wanted to know her better and to try to understand her unconditional love for Magento.

This is definitely a #realmagento interview!

Blackbird: Channel Manager, Project Manager, developer, your CV is really impressive! Can you tell us more about your profile?

Rebecca Troth: 
Thank you, it is definitely varied! I have been gathering as much experience and knowledge as possible since I left high school and have been really lucky to work with some fantastic people in some great places! My latest role, and biggest challenge yet, is as Channel Manager for Ingenico ePayments. I am a month in and you cannot wipe this smile off my face because I’m loving it here! I am excited for getting more into my role, meeting more colleagues, expanding my network and continuing to learn.

Blackbird: When did you first start working with Magento?

Rebecca Troth: I started in 2013 as a junior web developer, before then I had never heard of Magento! I quickly got into the swing of things though and I have been an active member of the Magento community since June 2016.

Blackbird: What was the most challenging part during your learning process?

Rebecca Troth: Early on, I felt very isolated. For the first year I was pretty much thrown in the deep end and told to build an eCommerce store in Magento without much training, I didn’t know about any of the resources available or where to go for help, and being pretty new (and shy) I wasn’t big into asking questions. Since then I have learnt that there is no such thing as a bad question and asking for help does not make you stupid, so now you can’t shut me up! Even if I think I’m right, I will ask you to confirm it anyway and get your opinions. I encourage everyone to do this, as you will learn so much more!

The most exciting project you’ve been working on until now?

Rebecca Troth: That would definitely have to be my YouTube Channel (Magentube with Rebecca Troth). It is still very much a growing project, so I am thinking of new things and trying new things every month! So far I have been overwhelmed by the communities response to my videos and so I just hope they continue to like them and I don’t dissapoint!

According to you, what is the best quality a Magento developer should have?

Rebecca Troth: The best Magento developers that I have met are all understanding, caring and generally really nice folk! Intelligence and knowledge is power but, of course, with great power comes great responsibility. There is no room for arrogance or animosity in any team.

Blackbird: About Magento 2, do you actually see the community switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Rebecca Troth: I really do. I was unsure for a while because of the poor experiences I’d had and that I’d witnessed, but we have to remember that really it took Magento until about version 1.7 to become the stable and reliable platform we know it as today. This year is the year for Magento 2, it’s make or break, and I can honestly say I believe the future is Magento 2.

Blackbird: You don’t hesitate to criticise or point some problems when there are some. If you had one thing to reproach to Magento, right now, what would it be?

Rebecca Troth: Their communication & honesty with the Magento Community. Though I have been delighted to see that recently, they have made leaps in this area. At MageTitans UK in November last year Jason Woosley, VP Technology at Magento, gave a talk on Community Engagement and shared that Magento believe that an empowered community directly participates in the success and iterative innovation of the platform. They also made Max Yekaterynenko their Director of Community Engineering and him and his team are going to managing Magento 2 community contributions.

We saw that you’ve recently got a Magento Certification, (congratulations! ) Which one is it and what does it bring to you?

Rebecca Troth: Thank you!! It's the Solution Specialist certification and it doesn’t really bring me anything as such but it does, kind of, prove I occasionally know what I’m talking about! Haha

Blackbird: Imagine that I am a developer who’s just started to work on Magento, the community is definitely useful, can you explain me what is real magento exactly?

Rebecca Troth: Real Magento are the amazing people and businesses surrounding the platform. They are the contributors, supporters, users and lovers of Magento that make the community a great and friendly resource for both newcomers and existing members.

Blackbird: What would you advise me to get the most of the real Magento community?

Rebecca Troth: Get on the community forums. Get on twitter. Get on LinkedIn. Get to events. Get out there!

Blackbird: Is the real Magento community more development or project management oriented?

Rebecca Troth: Definitely development, but there is room for all roles! Technical, commercial, social - anything! If you are passionate and friendly, we want you! 

 Blackbird: Who should a new member of the community follow in priority in the community?

Rebecca Troth: Sherrie Rohde (Community Manager at Magento), Ben Marks (Evangelist at Magento), all the Magento Masters and me, of course! =P

 Blackbird: Most of the influential members of the community communicate through Twitter or write articles on their own blog, why did you choose to make videos?

Rebecca Troth: I have always loved film and television production, I studied it at college and started uploading random videos to YouTube when I was in high school (no you can’t see them, they have long been deleted XD) - so I guess I thought, why not combine my two passions? Magento + YouTube = Magentube!


 Blackbird: It seems to be quite an amount of work to do, how long does it take you on a daily basis?

Rebecca Troth: I don’t do it on a daily basis, but I easily spend a whole day on each video. It takes a few minutes for a random idea to form for a video, a few hours writing a script, a few hours recording, a few hours editing and a few hours getting up the courage to share it! Lol.

Blackbird: Where do you get inspiration ? (we really enjoyed the Bonnie Tyler parody)

Rebecca Troth: I don’t really know... I wish I did because I would use it all the time! It’s very random, something I hear, see, do will trigger a thought and it gets the clogs in my mind turning. Once I’ve had an idea, I’m like a dog with a bone and get super excited to get it done!


Thanks a lot Rebecca for taking the time to answer our questions! We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming Magento events.

And now that you know Rebecca better, just watch her last (hilarious) video : If we shopped offiline like we do online!



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