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Attract, convert, close, delight

You may have already heard about inbound marketing but the question is: do you use it the right way for your eCommerce?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s talk about the current marketing techniques and their reputation among customers. Traditional marketing methods may be perceived as an intrusion for some people. How many times were you walking around the streets and someone approached you to give you a flyer? Be honest : either you took it to throw it in the next trash can or you kindly refused it. We are daily exposed to publicity which can quickly become tiring and repetitive.

This bad reputation doesn’t only concern traditional marketing, it also exists within e-marketing, and specially the last few years with the increasing usage of ad blockers. According to “le Bilan de santé des adblocks en France de 2017”, users are tired of seeing the same ads over and over in every website they visit, and find those intrusive (81% of the respondents), banal (66%), aggressive (57%) and dangerous (53%). In consequence, 1 user out of 5 around the world uses an ad blocker in order to avoid this constant intrusion of online advertisements.

     Stop running after them !

Inbound marketing oppose those push marketing techniques which goal is to persuade consumers by inflicting products on customers. Imagine a magnet integrated in your online store : inbound marketing is this magnet which with the right pull marketing methods employed, will attract potential clients. Users will come naturally to you, without the need for an overwhelming amount of advertisements.
Some of you may be thinking “but, how can this be possible?” Well, don’t worry explanations come thereafter.


Which pull marketing techniques use to support your inbound marketing strategy and boost your eCommerce?

Originally a subcategory of e-marketing, inbound marketing is slowly making its mark as an effective and long-lasting marketing solution. Previously we have shown how users are no longer attracted to usual techniques, those being too intrusive to them.

With this method, the user will be able to evolve from stranger to visitor, from visitor to lead and from lead to customer to finally become your brand promoter. This strategy will be supported by pull marketing actions which will get you to your main goal: customer loyalty and getting brand ambassadors to increase profitability in the long run. The following methods will help you achieve this.

     Tell us about your history

People don’t buy products. They buy stories” - Ashraf Ramzy (source)

A brand offering the same product (or almost) as you? There will always be one. But have you already tried storytelling? As its name suggest, this technique consists in narrating your brand’s story. For example, imagine you are a suitcase manufacturer, how are you going to convince consumers to buy your suitcases and not those next door? Your story is what distinguish you from your competitors, so use your identity and tell it to your potential customers. Many leading brands such as Chanel with the narration of one of its jackets’ conception, have used this technique to captivate and touch consumers.

As one says, trust is something you earn. And snapping your fingers will not get you there. Captivating visitors and make them want to trust you will take a lot more effort than that. Take your time, it is important to know how to tell your own story through an atmosphere and not just a simple speech, to show who you are and what distinguish you from others. So, show us your best self and find the right words to win your readers’ attention for them to keep reading. The user arriving to your website should be able to understand who you are and what do you do.
If you can generate interest in visitors and convince them telling clearly and effectively who you are and what is your activity, you go it ! Readers will feel closer to your brand and will be more likely to develop a trusting relationship with you.

Not convinced yet ? It’s when converting your visitors into leads that your story and the way you tell it will be decisive. Be creative ! Create emotions to touch your readers stand out from your competitors.

     Quality content 

Quality content is today the basis of all inbound marketing strategies. We create quality content for users to come naturally to your website. At the stage of transforming your visitors into leads, your content and what you offer to your visitors are crucial. The more you offer the more you can ask in terms of contact informations. In order to collect as much information as possible from users, use efficient call-to-action buttons, offer discounts or ask to fill out a form before downloading information material.
All content such as articles, case studies, demonstrations, usage tips and white papers will add value to your website and help persuade users. The content must be useful for the readers and meet their needs or answer their possible questions.
Moreover, don’t forget the importance of landing page optimization!

Define a publishing schedule ! Some studies show that 70% of consumers prefer to discover a brand through articles rather than advertisement. By regularly posting blog articles you remind your visitors to regularly check your website. When turning strangers into visitors, blog posts are a key factor because those will bring qualified traffic interested in your work area.
It is also important not to overlook the value of words used, because they will play a crucial role in your website’s SEO. Work your way up to the top of the search engine results by defining specific keywords to reach your qualified target. This way, you will develop a good SEO strategy using SEO softwares or techniques. As we already said and will repeat, the content and the information given are key factors for this pull marketing actions, but do not forget about design and fluidity of navigation which will increase chances to draw users attention and keep them in your website. Have fluid and efficient information where users will be able to find what they are looking for as soon as possible.

A main thing you should keep in mind? Put your energy on quality rather than quantity, even if you still should remain constant and have a logical publishing activity.

     Build relationships

Over the last years, all social media have evolved and have become an essential promotional tool for brands and some of these platforms are even a selling tool such as Instagram with its shopping feature. But what really makes a difference is having a loyal and engaged community, which can only be built with your involvement.
The challenge is to build a trusting relationship with your visitors. But how ? Well, the secret is regular interaction. And if you though you didn’t have any ways to do that, here you have some of the many existing : through social media, e-marketing campaigns with newsletters, a good CRM service, with community meetings or conferences where interaction becomes physical, options are endless! You can also promote discussion between users via testimonials, they will appreciate!
Those physical and virtual interactions will maintain a qualified traffic and retain it.
We are all aware that Facebook posts or tweets are quickly drowned in the many daily publications. Therefore, you should remain consistent and feed your social media regularly: you may also create a publishing schedule.

Use the newsletter! Invite visitors to register in your newsletter with call-to-action buttons, you can even offer a special discount on your online store for every registration. Be careful not to get too carried away with those buttons, you don’t want to push them away. Once you succeed and visitors are captivated, put effort on making those newsletters : personalized, with clear and relevant information, call-to-action buttons and a title which makes you want to click on it!


A long-lasting and cost-effective solution

Let’s recap, the objective of inbound marketing is creating a long-lasting and loyal relationship with users by using the right pull marketing techniques. With the power of word of mouth, these satisfied users will then become promoters of your brand. We can clearly distinguish it from a simple e-marketing campaign which is often fleeting. With inbound marketing, it’s about getting a lasting solution which will boost your eCommerce as long as you nurture all relationships created with your users.

Not convinced yet? What about if we tell you that 93% of marketers who use today this strategy increase lead generation and 92% increase their traffic? Moreover, inbound marketing remains a cost-effective method which is 65% less expensive than traditional marketing strategies.

As you have probably figured out by now, conventional marketing techniques are being complemented by those new methods less straightforward towards the target audience, based on quality content.
In order to continue with this trend, I invite you to check the slow marketing strategy, very well defined by the saying “slowly but surely”, which just as inbound marketing, its objective is to create lasting relationships with users by using different means.


Author: Milena Vilaseca Malé

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