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Emailing is outdated, isn't it?

It is tempting to think that nowadays, to pass on information, everything happens on social networks, on online services or even via banners or retargeting.
In reality, the truth is more contrasted because the modes of communication have become more specialized and complex. What place does the good old email have left in all this?

Let's take a step back in time: Former Eldorado of e-marketing with the emergence of the first e-commerce sites, e-mailing (or email) quickly filled the mailboxes like tourists in summer on the southern pages to inform us, in overflows. We had all (yes, you too), developed a whole avoidance technique by creating "trash boxes" for you, or even by recycling your old outdated email boxes so that you would no longer have to endure these communication waves.
On the other hand, we all have this image of garbage spam or phishing that has damaged his image, not very glamorous either.
Over-solicitation, unwanted email and the emergence of new modes of communication: It is true that emailing had few advantages not long ago.

Welcome to our daily life

Then the smartphone arrived in our pockets, and with it, the ease of access to our electronic mailboxes. In use, we are now more permissive since we can process everything in the moment, at any time, in any place. It is (almost) over the time of the 20 advertising emails that await you as soon as you open your laptop in the evening when you come home. Today, we check our e-mails as we go, from the subway on lunch break while relaxing during the coffee break.
Knowing that each person checks their mobile phone about 221 times a day on average* (yes, you read it correctly). Admit that there are many opportunities to use his mailbox.
So in the end, it's not that intrusive, is it?
It is more likely true as users have become more and more mature, the rules of distribution and sending are more drastic, which nowadays saves us from a lot of junk emails. We can say a qualitative revival in a way.

“Emailing is not working”

Another stubborn idea!
In many B2B or B2C business models, e-mail can represent a contribution to turnover of about 10-15% or more.
Obviously, your idea of emailing is summed up in a handy design, sent at any time to a base bought at i-don't-know-who with a very catchy PROMOTIONS title, (so managed at the same time to accumulate the majority of errors to avoid), the performance may not be there...
Here as in any e-marketing lever, the main thing will be to find the right moment, to send an email to a person who doesn't expect it, to surprise them with beautiful and interesting content both to get them to click.

We can honestly say that the old email marketing is dead (in any case no one wants it anymore and no one will regret it), long live to the new emailing: personalized, responsive design, scripted and well thought out. With it, you have great growth prospects!

Some tips and tricks to increase the performance

Here are some generic principles that will help you to improve your performance:

  • Check the accuracy of your database regularly: clean up erroneous emails, relaunch the " sleeping " people, blacklist the proven inactive people.
  • Track your emailings with proper UTMs, data is essential to progress
  • Segment your databases: stop full-base as you go!
  • Manage marketing pressure: don't harass your contacts and focus on your buying frequency for sales actions and your product renewal frequencies for new products.
  • Avoid Spamwords in your items: Exit Promotions, price, free, easy, urgent, exceptional, save, etc... A little brain juice to find beautiful items
  • Don't neglect the design that should reflect your brand and serve the user experience. Think responsive, responsive and...responsive (since you are told)
  • Develop scenarios. After all, it is not only your customers who come, but also your prospects. Welcome each subscriber and give him/her the desire, the opportunity to become a customer. If this subscriber is already a customer with you, make him/her loyal.
  • Adapt your emails: Each case is different, each database has its own particularities, its own codes. For example, a Newsletter that has the sole purpose of communicating must not look like a commercial Newsletter.
  • Customize your newsletters. If you have uploaded the data correctly, and you use the right tools, you will know that you have a blue Newsletter for your Segment A to start Monday morning at 10:30 am and a red second, less graphic to start Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm for Segment B
  • Test it! A/B testing also makes sense here, especially if you are hesitating between several designs or objects.

Author: David Brendel

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