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Advanced Mega Menu Manager is a Magento 2 extension developed by Blackbird Agency, to create sophisticated menus on any Magento 2 store

Why do you need a Mega Menu on your eCommerce?

The menu is a key element of any internet website : if it is not respecting the best practices of ergonomics, it could be a source of a high bounce rate. This is all the more so regrettable for an eCommerce site that it would directly impact the sales.

As of a hundred of products, it starts to be relevant to add a mega menu to an online store as it enables a larger amount of elements to appear in the navigation system : products, categories, icons or pictures.
Horizontal or verticals, these giant menus are organised and structured to easily find any product of a catalog.
Amazon, ASOS, Price Minister and all the main eCommerce players have a mega menu where nothing has been left to chance in order to bring the user right to the product he is looking for.

Improving the User Experience

By facilitating the navigation, the Mega Menu improves the usability of the website and it is the overall user experience that takes benefit out of it.
It gives an insight of the different levels of navigation of a store, at one glance and without any efforts of memorization for the user. It also guides the user to find what he or she is looking for, in the most intuitive and efficient way. And thus, it avoids the treasure hunt effect that could generate a considerable leak of visitors.

Using the Mega Menu to promote the eStore

Another interesting feature of a Mega Menu is that you can place some promotional elements directly into the navigation menu: a particular product, collection or temporary promotion.
Also here, it is about guiding your visitor, keeping him or her on your website and enriching the user experience.

Example of CMS block Mega Menu

Advanced Mega Menu Manager: extension for Magento 2

With Advanced Mega Menu Manager you can easily create and manage as many menus as you want on your Magento 2 store : mega menus, secondary menus, vertical and horizontal etc.


  • Create all types of Menus, Mega Menu, secondary menus with one extension.
  • Create Responsive Menus
  • Add CMS blocks in your menu to promote products or categories.
  • Add Content types and Content Lists into your menu (when combined with Advanced Content Manager)

Backoffice Mega Menu Manager

Start with creating your menu from the backend, give it a name and enable it for the store views you need, that’s it!
You can also add multiple nodes to your menu, each node is configurable and can be easily disabled. In order to make the nodes easier to manage, we allow you to choose your node type in a large choice elements:

  • Custom link (link)
  • Product (link)
  • Category (link)
  • Group (node group)
  • CMS blocks (renderer)
  • CMS page (link)
  • Content & Content List (link) (see *Add Advanced Content Manager contents*)

Developers will appreciate this Magento 2 menu builder tool box. A3M will allow them to save precious time and creating different menus easily. The ready-to-use back office of Magento 2 and the possibility to customize dynamically the templates are other developer-friendly features!

Admins will enjoy the easy and intuitive usability of the interface. They can create and administrate menu and nodes in perfect autonomy. No need to code!

Add your contents into your menu

If you use A3M with the CMS extension Advanced Content Manager 2, you will also be able to add content types and content lists into your Mega Menu.
Advanced Content Manager is a powerful CMS extension for Magento 2 that helps to create Content Types (blogs, store locator, lookbook, portfolios etc.) and Content lists that you can add into your mega menu if you use both extensions together.

You can try this out in our online Demo, don’t hesitate to contact us to have more details. 
Get both extensions together with the super pack ACM + A3M !

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Jan 3, 2018
Thanks for your message Matt !
I'm sure we can do something, we've answered you by email. :)

Team Blackbird
Matt Mazanec
Dec 31, 2017
Looking for a custom mega menu for our Magento 2 store.

Is this something you can help us with?

Matt Mazanec

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