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The CMS extension for Magento2 !

Caution, this article may contain some (great) product placement.

At Blackbird, we develop eCommerce websites with Magento 1.x and now Magento 2!
As Magento certified experts, we also develop extensions to provide useful additional features; and we are now proud to launch our first Magento 2 extension: Advanced Content Manager 2!

First of all, we start with a special thanks to some of our beta testers for their precious contribution and feedbacks!

And now let us explain you why ACM 2 is a must have!

Different types of content, one extension

Imagine a swiss-knife for Magento 2 that would help you to easily create and manage diverse types of content for eCommerce websites… Yes, with Advanced content manager 2, it is possible to create: a blog, a home page, some landing pages, a store locator, testominals, comments, and more... with one extension.

Helpful for developers and intuitive for Webmasters

  • developers can use the advanced customization features (phtml, XML) to stick to their client’s needs.
  • webmasters will appreciate the intuitive interface to manage the back office, to add new content types and contents without a single line of code.

The keystone of your Content Marketing Strategy

Adding quality content to an online store is a good way to attract new visitors, who will become leads and hopefully customers. This is the core of inbound marketing strategies that are particularly relevant for eCommerce websites. In that context, ACM 2 is a great and unique tool for webmarketers who want to implement such a content marketing strategy on their Magento based eStore.

Powerful content management features

Create many different content types:

Whether you want to create a blog, or you want to build attractive landing pages, a news field for the home page or a store locator, you can use ACM 2 to do it.
Here is the large choice of different fields you can add to your content type:

  • Text: simple text field, textarea, password, integer
  • Files and images
  • Select: Drop-down, radio-button, checkbox, multi select
  • Date or/and time
  • Relation with product, category, content or attributes

Here is an example of a content type, we called it Lookbook, with different fields like : title, picture, description, a link to other products from the store and other contents as well.

example of content type


Create and administrate contents

Once you have your content type with specific fields, start with adding your content; directly from the back-office ready interface. This part can easily be handled by any admin with no need of coding.
This is the view of the grid in our back-office of our Lookbook example:

example of backoffice grid


Make some content lists:

You can group different contents together with the Content Lists feature. This is how we organised our list of content type "Lookbook":

example of content list

Embeded Layout manager

Another awesome feature, really appreciated by admins and webmasters for its intuitive aspect, is the layout manager, that enables to sort the different elements of your content and thus to build your page.
Select the different fields you want to display and drag and drop them in your layout pattern, that’s it!

SEO friendly

Creating content, yes it’s important, but making sure that users will be able to find them on Google, this is crucial!
The extension helps with Search Engine Optimisation as you can specify for each elements: meta tag (title, description and keywords), Open Graph and Google Site Map information.

What’s next?

New features are on the way, in the next few weeks, some add-ons will bring other field types and functionnality to push your eCommerce website to the next level!
Here are few examples of what we’re workin’ on :

  • Menu
  • Repeater Field
  • Table
  • Rich snippet manager

Stay tuned for more details!


Advanced custom manager 2 is the best solution to build more than just another online shop. Easily customisable, it is just the best extension to develop creative contents to make remarkable eCommerce websites.

 To find out more about ACM 2, you can check our documentation.




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