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These mistakes we all make in our projects

3/8/2022 - #development #ecommerce #extensions #magento #management

by: Ceyhun Kaplan

The story begins like a fairy tale: once upon a time, there was a customer need for which we, an agency specialized in e-commerce development, thought of an answer. This need is regularly expressed by many of our clients: how can I quickly and efficiently organize my product categories on my e-commerce site?

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Top 6: 2022 Magento extensions by Blackbird

2/24/2022 - #ecommerce #extensions #magento

by: Charline Ferré

Is your e-commerce site ready for 2022?

Web users are more and more demanding and the battle for visibility is getting tougher and tougher. That's why Blackbird offers you, in this article, 6 Magento extensions to help you meet your digital strategic challenges.

From reassurance elements to product catalog structuring or delivery, the main obstacle to purchase, discover these new e-business opportunities.

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Study Case: Discontinued Product Redirect

8/2/2021 - #extensions #magento


Since 2016, Blackbird has been supporting the Banana Moon brand in its e-commerce activity: Magento 1 to 2 migration, optimization of site performance, UX advice and support, and much more.
The Monegasque brand of swimwear, Banana Moon is a fusion of European know-how, and dedication to the highest quality, combined with Californian sense of style and creativity.

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Performance : Speed up image loading on Magento 2

5/5/2021 - #culture-web #development #ecommerce #magento

by: Joffrey Henocque

Since 2020 Google has made it clear that a site’s SEO will take into account both page load time as well as its ability to load interactive content in priority and in a way that’s intuitive for the user.
These metrics are called  "Core Web Vitals" and from May 2021 will be taken into account for the ranking of search results. This is of importance to e-merchants around the world as well as the various growth players in the Web and e-commerce fields.
At a time when websites take an average of 22 seconds  to load completely on mobile, and when average page weights consist of 38% of images, it’s clear that one of the challenges facing e-commerce is how to significantly reduce the weight of the images on their pages.
So, what are the positive impacts of image optimization?
How can you reduce the weight of the images of your site on Magento 2?

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How to use video to increase conversion rates

3/25/2021 - #marketing

by: Joffrey Henocque

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can very well be worth a thousand sales. According to a study by Fevad, 64% of visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

In the online sales process, buyers need to be reassured and questions answered. This is where video comes in: as well as being attractive, it’ll make you stand out from the competition.

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E-merchants, it's time to switch to PWA !

3/11/2021 - #development #ecommerce #marketing

by: Robin Louis

Wondering how to increase your conversion rate? How to be better referenced? How to lower your site’s bounce rate? How to make your site more responsive? Or how to engage and retain your customers?

Blackbird has the solution: the PWA!

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Magento 2 migration : pitfalls to avoid

12/14/2020 - #ecommerce #magento

by: Ceyhun Kaplan

Although the terminology can be confusing, the move to Magento 2 is more a change in technology than a migration to a new version. This transition, which has become essential at a time when Adobe is abandoning maintenance on M1, represents a real technical and organizational challenge for agencies and e-merchants who want to upgrade. Here’s a brief overview of the main pitfalls to avoid.

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Magento 2 : How to optimize the loading of JavaScript files

10/8/2020 - #extensions

by: Anthony Grutter

Web performance is a focal point in e-commerce. It influences your position in SEO, your cost-per-click for the paid ads but also the customer experience and therefore your conversion rate.

A lot of aspects should be taken into account to increase the response times. Advanced JS Bundling is a concept to increase the loading speed of JavaScript files.

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3 alternatives to MySQL Workbench

8/31/2020 - #development

by: Kévin Weyhaupt

For local web development, we usually use PHPMyAdmin or PHPStorm's embedded tool, as they are easy to use, fast and complete. But when it comes to handling pre-production and production bases, it's a bit tricky, because, for security reasons, installing PHPMyAdmin isn’t recommended. So what’s the answer? SQL in CLI, connected in SSH? No thanks – it’s not very practical.

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How to use Ngrok with Magento

4/27/2020 - #development #magento

by: Emilie Wittmann

Share and develop easily your local project!

Ngrok is a tool that allows you to open your web development device from the outside, with a secured tunnel, with an url like
This url is accessible from the outside by anyone (your clients, your colleagues…) and from anywhere.

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