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How to use Ngrok with Magento

4/27/2020 - #development #magento

by: Emilie Wittmann

Share and develop easily your local project!

Ngrok is a tool that allows you to open your web development device from the outside, with a secured tunnel, with an url like
This url is accessible from the outside by anyone (your clients, your colleagues…) and from anywhere.

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Boost your Magento backend performances with REDIS!

10/24/2019 - #development #magento

by: Kévin Weyhaupt

What’s that?
Redis is a cache system using the RAM of the server to rapidly access the data with a key / value combination.
I am going to introduce you how to implement Redis on Magento and boost your server side performances. I hope this article will be as fast and efficient as Redis is!

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Create a Navigation Menu for your eCommerce Site

7/29/2019 - #culture-web #ecommerce

by: Benjamin Samson

In an e-commerce site, the navigation menu is in a way similar to the shelving in physical shops. When you enter a store, your first reflex is to look around to identify where your intended location is, or the bargain corner. If you are a man and you are looking for sneakers, you will identify in a few seconds the corner dedicated to your request as soon as you pass through the door. For the navigation menu of an e-commerce site, the same reflex must be applied in an equally natural way. 

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It's Summertime!

7/2/2019 - #Agency life

by: Benjamin Samson

We waited a few days to publish our traditional seasonal article until we were sure that it was finally summer. It is true that with the heat yo-yos of the last few weeks, it was not that obvious. Now that the mercury is proudly approaching 35° in the shade, we can tell you about this spring, which has been rich and always intense at Blackbird. 

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Must-Read: Top 5 Articles If You Are a Magento Specialist

5/7/2019 - #culture-web #ecommerce #extensions #magento


All in one place! Our best articles about Magento Extensions.

The #blackbird Developers are sharing some tips and tricks to improve your eCommerce Skills on Magento 2, but also other indispensable things to know.

We hope that our well thought out selection of TOP 5 Articles will help you to find the right answers for your questions!

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Multisites Management on Magento 2

4/4/2019 - #development #ecommerce #magento

by: Emilie Wittmann

One of the many advantages of Magento is the native management of the multisite. It is easy to create many websites in the same instance of Magento and imagine an infinite number of different cases. For example, you may need a new store on Magento that enable to manage a new physical warehouse with different products and stocks. Several storeviews allow you to make multilingual or multi-currency sites. You can also have different product catalogues and associate them with the Store.

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It's Spring!

3/21/2019 - #Agency life

by: Benjamin Samson

If you follow us, you have understood that we are committed to the changing seasons. Symbol of both the passing of time and the perpetual cycle of life (Ooooh). We remain ourselves as we continue to progress (Aaaah). Spring ends in Winter and opens a gentle transition to Summer. The blossoms are growing, still afraid of the last frosts, while the rainbow ponies appear on social networks. Clear signs that it is time for us to tell you about our adventures over the past three months.

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