Benjamin Samson

Chief design officer - Co-founder

A real web enthusiast, with over 18 years’ experience supervising challenging technical projects, I know how to build an efficient team and I will bring creativity and attention-to-detail to your project.

My skills are large and cover all management activities: Consulting, Analysis, Specification writing, Design and UX consultancy, Storybording, Business Analysis, Project management support, Teaching, Training ...

Benjamin Samson - Chief design officer - Co-founder
Stories written by Benjamin Samson

Uniwax, an E-Commerce E-Print for B2C on Magento 2 (case study)

5/29/2019 - #ecommerce #magento

It has been few months since the Website is online. This project has kept us busy for a little over a year. It is a good subject to present you, with a complete and detailed case study about the creation of an African e-commerce site on Magento 2, from the beginning to the final production.

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What is a MVP?

12/18/2018 - #culture-web #development

Although it is hasty, the definition given by Wikipedia has the distinction of being in perfect harmony with the very purpose of what it defines: a minimal and viable product.

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