Benjamin Samson

Chief Design Officer - Co-founder

A real web enthusiast, with over 18 years’ experience supervising challenging technical projects, I know how to build an efficient team and I will bring creativity and attention-to-detail to your project.

My skills are large and cover all management activities: Consulting, Analysis, Specification writing, Design and UX consultancy, Storybording, Business Analysis, Project management support, Teaching, Training ...

Benjamin Samson - Chief Design Officer - Co-founder
Stories written by Benjamin Samson

Create a Navigation Menu for your eCommerce Site

7/29/2019 - #culture-web #ecommerce

In an e-commerce site, the navigation menu is in a way similar to the shelving in physical shops. When you enter a store, your first reflex is to look around to identify where your intended location is, or the bargain corner. If you are a man and you are looking for sneakers, you will identify in a few seconds the corner dedicated to your request as soon as you pass through the door. For the navigation menu of an e-commerce site, the same reflex must be applied in an equally natural way. 

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It's Summertime!

7/2/2019 - #Agency life

We waited a few days to publish our traditional seasonal article until we were sure that it was finally summer. It is true that with the heat yo-yos of the last few weeks, it was not that obvious. Now that the mercury is proudly approaching 35° in the shade, we can tell you about this spring, which has been rich and always intense at Blackbird. 

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Uniwax, an E-Commerce E-Print for B2C on Magento 2 (case study)

5/29/2019 - #ecommerce #magento

It has been few months since the Website is online. This project has kept us busy for a little over a year. It is a good subject to present you, with a complete and detailed case study about the creation of an African e-commerce site on Magento 2, from the beginning to the final production.

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It's Spring!

3/21/2019 - #Agency life

If you follow us, you have understood that we are committed to the changing seasons. Symbol of both the passing of time and the perpetual cycle of life (Ooooh). We remain ourselves as we continue to progress (Aaaah). Spring ends in Winter and opens a gentle transition to Summer. The blossoms are growing, still afraid of the last frosts, while the rainbow ponies appear on social networks. Clear signs that it is time for us to tell you about our adventures over the past three months.

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What is a MVP?

12/18/2018 - #culture-web #development

Although it is hasty, the definition given by Wikipedia has the distinction of being in perfect harmony with the very purpose of what it defines: a minimal and viable product.

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