Audits for Magento stores

Magento ready

Blackbird Agency offers audits specifically for your Magento e-commerce sites.

We are Magento experts

Our audits are made by expert and certifiedMagento developers.

Detaillé et complet

We deliver a complete and fully detailed report.

We analyse your Magento 1.x & 2.x store to:

  • Give you a complete report on the front-end and back-end performance levels
  • Advise you on back-end optimisation (Redis, memcached, FPC, etc..)
  • Guide you on front-end optimisation (Optimisation images, JS, CSS, HTML, Gzip, Lazyloading, etc..)
  • Analyse the code structure, algorithm problems, core overloads, etc.

€1,290.00 Excl. Tax
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Migration to Magento 2

We check your Magento 1.x store to:

  • Make a list of native features, inherited from extensions
    or specific developments
  • Suggest the best Magento 2 compatible solution for each case
  • Advise you on the migration of the catalogue, CMS and the data of your store
  • Advise you on the migration of the synchronisations

€1,950.00 Excl. Tax
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We check your Magento 1.x and 2.x store to:
  • Provide you with a full and detailed report on the quality of the project
  • Inform you and give you advice on
    the degree of maintainability
  • Inform you and give you advice on
    the degree of overload and complexity
Ideal offer for agencies seeking an external point of view on potential difficulties related to reopening an existing project..

€1,950.00 Excl. Tax
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E-commerce & UX

We check your Magento 1.x and 2.x store to: :

  • Provide you with a ffull and detailed analysis of the different pages and customer experience
  • Advise you on optimisation aimed at increasing the transformation rate
  • Give you advice on how to measure the impact of the interface changes (A/B testing, Analytics, etc.)

€1,290.00 Excl. Tax
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Any questions?

How long does it take to perform the audit?

As it is mainly done manually, we usually deliver the final report within 6 to 10 days, once we have all the elements. In any case, we will give you an estimated date of delivery the day we receive your order.

Does it mean I have to subscribe to other services at Blackbird Agency?

No! Although we are qualified to implement all the optimisations and advice we offer, you are free to select the provider of your choice.

What do I have to do from a technical point of view?

In order to proceed with the analysis of the different elements in the best conditions, we will need you to send us some resources, mainly the code and the data base. In some cases, we can proceed with the audit online. Don't hesitate to ask us for more information.

What form will the final report take?

The final report which concludes the process will assemble various elements in a PDF file, including research elements, information and advice. This report is unalterable and transferable.

Where does your expertise on Magento come from?

Our team works exclusively on Magento, our developers are Magento certified and we also offer Magento optimised Hosting Solutions. We also have written a book about how to develop extensions for Magento 2, published by Packt Publishing.





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