Anthony Grutter

Chief Technical Officer - Co-founder

Co-founder of Blackbird, as the agency's technical director.
I have three Magento certifications and am convinced that it is one of the best e-commerce solutions on the market.
After having spent more than a dozen years developing on Magento, my experience and acquired skills allow me today to accompany the strategic projects of our customers in their analysis and design.
Conscientious and rigorous, I closely respect development standards and am particularly concerned by performance issues.

Anthony Grutter - Chief Technical Officer - Co-founder
Stories written by Anthony Grutter

Magento 2 : How to optimize the loading of JavaScript files

10/8/2020 - #extensions

Web performance is a focal point in e-commerce. It influences your position in SEO, your cost-per-click for the paid ads but also the customer experience and therefore your conversion rate.

A lot of aspects should be taken into account to increase the response times. Advanced JS Bundling is a concept to increase the loading speed of JavaScript files.

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Magento < LIBXML with PHP-FPM triggers error randomly

2/19/2016 - #development #magento

If your Magento website is crashing randomly with the error code 500 and a note about the line 71 of Mage/Customer/Model/Session.php, this article is for you.

Whenever you refresh a page of your website, you may get your page or this error. The more visitors you have on your website, the more often the error occurs.

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