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Adding a delivery date on Magento 2

7/13/2018 - #development #ecommerce #extensions #magento

In the fast growing eCommerce industry, one of the major concern, where users’ expectations are still very high is certainly the delivery. Most of the time online consumers want to receive their order as fast as possible, and that is when adding a delivery date becomes a crucial reassurance factor which triggers the purchase.
Many researches highlight the importance of this consumers’ demand which can have a direct impact on your conversion rate.

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How to implement a Store Locator for Magento 1

7/6/2018 - #development #ecommerce #magento

Dear web surfer, powerful waves have brought you here, pushed by curiosity and a hunger for eCommerce wisdom. Your hands move quickly over the keyboard as a surfer does on his surfboard. Your soul is seeking for knowledge, and here is the outcome of your exhausting adventure. This article will, I hope, become a rewarding and enriching stop of your journey. I introduce you to the “Store Locator” illustrated by its implementation for Bananamoon.    

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Summer fresh news

7/4/2018 - #Agency life #ecommerce #magento

It’s finally summer! And here we close one more accomplished season from a year of growth (plant growth), at Blackbird Agency.

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Instagram's new face

6/29/2018 - #culture-web #ecommerce #marketing

Over the last ten years, social media has impacted the way companies choose to expand its eCommerce. Today’s upward trend is social commerce: when users search for advice on goods and services from other users before making purchases online.

Therefore, more and more companies turn their selling strategy towards commercially exploitable social networks. Consequently, these platforms have to adapt to this changing demand and that is what Instagram did. It is difficult to miss this place filled with perfect images, where everything seems beautiful and idyllic. Nevertheless, unavoidable partnerships and sponsored publications convert the dream cloud into a business.

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How to make a Product Listing with Hover images on Magento 2

6/27/2018 - #development #ecommerce #magento

Products images are really important for an online store. It is one of the most interesting components for the customer as it will bring his experience closer to reality. Usually, online stores have multiple photos available on the product page. However, the customer needs to be on the product page in order to see more images.   

How about showing more images on the products list? What about showing another image for each product when the customer’s cursor hovers over a product item?
This is simple, fast and will provide for sure a better customer experience on your online store. 
I will show you in this article how to achieve this step by step. 

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