Guizme comes with an innovative concept: buy your disguise costumes and sell them on the same website right after your party!

RĂ©alisation : March 2017
URL : Guizme

Faceted navigation within the categories helps to find appropriate results and easily find the perfect outfit to celebrate. The website is based on Magento 2 and has been optimised for SEO : each filter generates its own URL along with a dynamique title and H1 tags construction.
When more than 2 filters are selected at the same time, URLS are not indexed to keep a reasonable number of indexed page.

Guizme uses our online payment extension Monetico, the payment gateway of the CM-CIC group.

Our missions:

  • Front-end integration
  • Massive import  of the catalog
  • Specific development of the reselling feature of the repackaged  products.
  • Search engine Optimisation

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