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"They did not know it was impossible so they did it", Mark Twain

E-commerce Development


Our motto: Let's take off together as a family for an amazing journey! The end result will be the success of your project and your complete satisfaction.

Your project will have our undivided attention. From analysis to launch, we will manage your project with dedication and skill at every step.

We work together to build your project using iterative and agile processes, in this way you get what you need to test and drive your project regardless your business model.


We are Magento certified developers! We eat, sleep and dream Magento, we love Magento!

By integrating innovative extensions into the Magento platform we create fully-featured e-commerce websites, primed for expansion. As well as developing new websites from the ground up, we migrate existing sites to Magento Enterprise and have extensive experience turning around underperforming existing Magento sites.

Design & UX

We pride ourselves on working with talented and creative designers. Each user-interface we deliver is a result of our experience of working on specific design. To build your project we can work with your designers or use out network of freelance designers. Our objective is to build a user-friendly, awesome and modern website optimized for any device, while ensuring 100% functionality on each platform.

Magento’s adaptability is just as convincing on a mobile platform. Utilising responsive design we ensure the most important features of your website are visible when accessed from a mobile or tablet. One single installation will optimise your platform across multiple devices including iPhone, iPad and Android.

eMarketing & SEO

You're website is up? Working with high level SEO specialists, we help your businesses achieve greater return on your marketing investment. We employ all techniques to optimise your website ...

Having a website working like a clock is not enough. Your website needs to be optimized to be well indexed in search engines. We strive to implement all technical requirements to improve our development in this way, and we entrust honorable task to SEO experts to advise and assist you in writing your content and the best strategy to acquire qualified customers.

Expertise & professional support

Audit: Identify vulnerabilities and bugs

Magento connect is fast and convenient and allows you to install extensions that complete your site with non-native functionality. Without proper analysis, it is easy to transform your lean e-commerce site into un unweildly monstrosity, and to greatly increase system costs. The consequences are often a loss of performance and the conversion rate declining.

Built on a proven methodology, Blackbird offers problem diagnosis and gives you the tools to find an efficient Magento site.

Overuse of extensions can also be source of bugs and errors. Extensions are not always compatible with each other and can override or crush some vital functions of your shop.

Blackbird offers audit and a complete check-up of your website to detect and correct these potential conflicts and risks.


Stress test set-ups that best reflect the behavior of your users can help anticipate the breaking point of your server structure.

Anticipating of marketing communications, special offers, or any specific promotions, we define together the most realistic scenarios to forecast these peak loads.

Magento Extensions

We develop extensions

For highly specific and complex features, we develop full custom modules to answer your needs.

Based on our e-commerces websites development experience, we took ideas in our projects to suggest new extensions that can help other merchants.

for take-off?

Blackbird is a web agency specialized in the development of eCommerce websites. We are Magento Experts and we offer our services and advice for e-marketing, strategy, branding, deployment and methodology.

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