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Technical Leader

After a computer science degree, I specialized in web development on Magento.
I follow projects and developers in order to make the best technical choices.
I like competition and taking on new challenges to keep improving.

Etienne Gutbub - Technical Leader
Story written by Etienne Gutbub

How to make a Product Listing with Hover images on Magento 2

6/27/2018 - #development #ecommerce #magento

Products images are really important for an online store. It is one of the most interesting components for the customer as it will bring his experience closer to reality. Usually, online stores have multiple photos available on the product page. However, the customer needs to be on the product page in order to see more images.   

How about showing more images on the products list? What about showing another image for each product when the customer’s cursor hovers over a product item?
This is simple, fast and will provide for sure a better customer experience on your online store. 
I will show you in this article how to achieve this step by step. 

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