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Blackbird is a team of Magento experts.
We are enthusiasts and believe that Magento is the best solution for your e-commerce website with real development growing abilities!

Magento certified Developper   Magento certified Developper   Magento certified Frontend Developper

Anthony Grutter - Chief Technical Officer - Co-founder

Anthony Grutter

Chief Technical Officer - Co-founder

Co-founder of Blackbird, as the agency's technical director.
I have three Magento certifications and am convinced that it is one of the best e-commerce solutions on the market.
After having spent more than a dozen years developing on Magento, my experience and acquired skills allow me today to accompany the strategic projects of our customers in their analysis and design.
Conscientious and rigorous, I closely respect development standards and am particularly concerned by performance issues.

Jérémie Bouchet - Chief Executive Officer - Co-founder

Jérémie Bouchet

Chief Executive Officer - Co-founder

With 10 years experience, I'm your best friend to grow your e-commerce safely.

My skills:
• Technical and performance audit, business consulting
• Gateway integration, backend & extension development
• Teaching, Training and web community leading

Ceyhun Kaplan - Chief Operating Officer

Ceyhun Kaplan

Chief Operating Officer

I accompany our clients in the development and optimization of their e-commerce strategy. With several experiences as a consultant, web developer and e-commerce project manager, I believe that we can always learn more about this ecosystem and enjoy learning about tomorrow's challenges.
I'm not too fond of my Spotify playlist or my electric scooter.

Etienne Gutbub - CTO Assistant

Etienne Gutbub

CTO Assistant

After a computer science degree, I specialized in web development on Magento.
I follow projects and developers in order to make the best technical choices.
I like competition and taking on new challenges to keep improving.

Mélanie Hild - Executive Assistant

Mélanie Hild

Executive Assistant

Eager for new discoveries, I today wish to blossom by taking on new challenges. I am currently preparing for a degree in Human Resources Management by holding the position of management assistant on a work-study program.

Emilie Wittmann - Magento developer

Emilie Wittmann

Magento developer

After several years of development on applications dedicated to the press and thirsty for new things, I chose to specialize in e-commerce and I am fully blossoming there.
Beside the world of new technologies, I love cooking: whether it's my own, or that of others!

Clément Pailler - Magento Developer

Clément Pailler

Magento Developer

Originally trained as an engineer in water treatment and waste management, I retrained as a developer and i use my skills to achieve the solutions that fit to your needs.
In my job as in my personal life, i take pleasure in breaking down systems and processes to better understand them and anticipate any dysfunction.

Joffrey Henocque - Project manager

Joffrey Henocque

Project manager

Coming from a digital course combining project management and e-commerce strategy, I put my skills and my good mood at the service of your project. In this objective, I will be there to advise you and accompany you throughout our collaboration.
I have been working with el famoso Magento since 2016 and I know well the specificities of it. I am constantly looking to improve and optimize the processes.

Sébastien Guérin - Magento Developer

Sébastien Guérin

Magento Developer

Fascinated by the web and the way programs are working I’ve made e-commerce my career choice. I like the challenges it brings and the fact that you never stop to learn.
I’m spending my free time practising my skills as a developer and, on the side, as a drummer.

Kévin Weyhaupt - Magento Developer

Kévin Weyhaupt

Magento Developer

After several years of experience in computer science, I had the opportunity to acquire solid bases in multiple fields including the web. This field is vast and evolving day by day, so it will allow me to learn constantly and never get bored. I chose this specialization because in the working world if there is one thing important, it is to love what you do.
My passions are also related to computer science, from devouring TV shows to video games and following the e-sport scene and new technologies.

Régis Grutter - Magento developer

Régis Grutter

Magento developer

With more than ten years of experience in web development as a freelancer, I have worked on projects as diverse as rewarding.
None of the facets of the creation of a website have secrets for me, well almost! Indeed, the web world is in constant evolution and there are new things to discover and assimilate every day. This is what makes my job so exciting.
With my broad vision of the field, I decided to specialize -in fine- in e-commerce and the Magento solution.

Robin Louis - Artistic Director

Robin Louis

Artistic Director

With a master's degree in multimedia design, I have always been passionate about the web and the visual arts in general. Throughout my career, I have specialized in the realization of interfaces for the web and the creation of communication media of all kinds.
At Blackbird, I use my knowledge in interface design and my skills in DTP to complete your projects.

Bruno Fache - Developer Extensions

Bruno Fache

Developer Extensions

Coming from a video game developer background, I take pride in satisfying my clients and colleagues by providing them with quality work.
I particularly enjoy working with new technologies and integrating them into my projects.
Virtual reality, the cloud and digital independence are some of the subjects I am passionate about.
Here is my personal website.

Ludovic Rodrigue - Magento Developer

Ludovic Rodrigue

Magento Developer

Curious since my childhood, my interest in technology naturally led me to programming. With several years of experience in web development, I have acquired a wide range of skills that I now use in e-commerce.
Attentive to the quality of my code, I pay as much attention to the usability and readability of a website.

Gabriel Fritz - Magento Developer

Gabriel Fritz

Magento Developer

Curious and always eager to learn, computer science and development are fields in which I have been naturally interested since my childhood.
In my job, I move forward and enjoy learning more and more about this constantly evolving field.
Never forget : <Stay Happy>

Thibaud Ritzenthaler - Developer Extensions

Thibaud Ritzenthaler

Developer Extensions

Passionate about computers and new technologies (but not only), I work at Blackbird as a developer, with the goal of becoming a software engineer.
Of a curious and enterprising nature, I am ready to take up the challenges that come my way and to blossom in a very enriching environment.
I appreciate very much the web programming, formative, demanding and open to the future, especially within this qualified, innovative and benevolent team!

Marion Sainty - Business Developer

Marion Sainty

Business Developer

As a serial online shopper, I naturally turned to e-commerce.
My main mission is to make the agency grow, and this involves understanding your needs, building customized offers and setting up strategic partnerships. I also accompany the internal teams on our communication, marketing and e-commerce strategies. As you can see, I am interested in everything!
When I'm not working, I spend time with my daughter, and I devote myself to my great passion: music.

Clémence Blaes - Front end Magento Developer

Clémence Blaes

Front end Magento Developer

After 7 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to change my life.
Passionate about computers since childhood and touching development since high school as a self-taught person, I jumped at the chance to reconvert in this field.
It is thus by blooming in my work and by sharing my joy of living that I live my adventure at BlackBird Agency.

Jean-Junior<br/>Makando - Project Manager


Project Manager

Coming from a commercial curriculum with a strong project management & strategy orientation, I am at your disposal to support and advise you in the realization of your project. Passionate about sports, I like to take new challenges and I am committed to achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

Thomas Fabre - Developer Extensions

Thomas Fabre

Developer Extensions

Initially trained in business and management, I discovered a passion for development and more particularly web development. It is to follow this passion that I work at BlackBird. My goal is to constantly improve as a back-end developer.
Marc Boyon - Front end Magento Developer

Marc Boyon

Front end Magento Developer

Originally geologist and after 4 years in the popularization of science, I converted to front-end development. I like to discover new development techniques and bring a website to life. I spend my free time between my differents passions like : drawing, music, video games and history.

Charline Ferré - Assistant Project Chief

Charline Ferré

Assistant Project Chief

There is a passion so consuming that it cannot be described. It eats who contemplates it. I was devoured by this passion for digital and now I want to invite you to the feast. I joined the Blackbird team as a Project Chief apprenticeship and soon I will have great pleasure spreading my wings to support in your digital projects.

Klauss Mortreux - Senior Front End Developer

Klauss Mortreux

Senior Front End Developer

After several years of building my skills in web development, I joined Blackbird to perfect them and to enrich my knowledge of the e-commerce universe.
Passionate about JavaScript and customer interfaces, I like to combine minimalism and bright colors in my work. Influenced by the Danish culture, the hygge reflects my professional and personal mentality.

Lisa Reinwalt - E-commerce manager

Lisa Reinwalt

E-commerce manager

Curious about everything and eager to learn, I tested myself in very different fields. Yet instinctively, commerce has been the common thread of my path. As a digital native, it is only logical that I have specialized in e-commerce in recent years. Placing people at the center of my concerns, I am convinced that a good product is one that has been designed for the customer and his specific need. These values ​​are shared with the Blackbird team.

David Tang - Senior Developer

David Tang

Senior Developer

Passionate about the web since always, I sharpened my skills during 4 years in the press field.
I regularly follow the evolution of PHP and JS frameworks in order not to miss anything in my life as a coder!
I am now developing in the field of e-commerce within Blackbird.

Xavier Guenel - Magento Developer

Xavier Guenel

Magento Developer

After more than twenty years working in the catering industry, looking for new challenges, I decided to return to one of my first passions by reconverting myself in development and more specifically web development.
I took off in this new life at Blackbird.

Léo Claude - Communication Manager

Léo Claude

Communication Manager

Enthusiast and curious.
To end in the best way possible my information and communication degree, I have joined the Blackbird adventure as a communication intern. My goal : to develop myself both personally and professionally in the best context possible.

Ludéric Freymann - Magento Developer

Ludéric Freymann

Magento Developer

Immersed for a few years in computer science and more recently in web development, I am now fully blossoming in this field.
Passionate about new technologies, being part of BlackBird allows me to evolve in a young and dynamic environment with a real team spirit.
I am very motivated and serious when it comes to achieving my goals and my fastidious side pushes me to always give the best of myself.

Marion Oberlé - Web and Graphic Designer

Marion Oberlé

Web and Graphic Designer

After a versatile training preparing for the web and communication professions, I specialized in multimedia graphic design.
Attracted for several years by Webdesign and UX Design, I have at heart to create thoughtful, efficient and pleasant to use interfaces.

Alexis Gawlik - Magento Developer

Alexis Gawlik

Magento Developer

I have been in the development business for several years and being part of the Blackbird team now allows me to further diversify my knowledge. Conscientious, I am always keen to provide a clear and complete work. I enjoy this constantly evolving universe and I look forward to learning more by working on your projects.

And you? - Would you apply for a job?

And you?

Would you apply for a job?

You are fullstack developper? Magento specialist? geek? you want fun and join an awesome team in France? Or you prefer work @home and drive your work through Skype & Slack?

Join us! 

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