Email Marketing - still worth it?

10/18/2017 - #culture-web #marketing

It is tempting to think that nowadays, to pass on information, everything happens on social networks, on online services or even via banners or retargeting. 
In reality, the truth is more contrasted because the modes of communication have become more specialized and complex. What place does the good old email have left in all this?

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The Incredible Gulp !

10/13/2017 - #development

by: Régis Grutter

The front-end web projects are usually highly complex lifelong adventures. They are sprouting with time and reflection to get fully developed. Before reaching this state of a ripeness fruit, front-end projects last in a fuzzy draft condition.



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Create Custom Logs in Magento 2

8/31/2017 - #development #extensions #magento


In Magento 1, there were many log files to separate different logs (for payment methods, etc.) and it was easy to change the target log file just by changing the $file parameter of Mage::log. But Magento 2 has changed to build their logs with Monolog library. 

In this article we will discover how the logging system in Magento 2 is different compared to Magento 1, how it works and how could we reclaim it and make custom log files.

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ACM contest

5/3/2017 - #Agency life

To celebrate his second birthday, Blackbird offers a free ACM license for Magento 1 or 2 to one of the customers of May.

A random draw will be done at Blackbird agency on June 16th, 2017 among all the people who have purchased the extension between 01/05/2017 and 31/05/2017.

You can find the detailed rules of the contest here below:

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#RealMagento interview : Rebecca Troth

3/8/2017 - #cuture-web #ecommerce #magento


We are pretty excited to welcome our third guest for our Monthly Magento interview as she, (yes she, it’s a girl!) is a key figure of the Magento community.

Rebecca L Troth defines herself as a Magento extrovert, as she works as a Magento project manager at iWeb agency, she also provides a lot of interesting contents to the community through her blog and her youtube video channel.

Web designer, developer, channel manager, blogger and more, we wanted to know her better and to try to understand her unconditional love for Magento.

This is definitely a #realmagento interview!

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Create a mega menu on Magento 2

2/17/2017 - #ecommerce #extensions #magento


Advanced Mega Menu Manager, is an extension for Magento 2, developed by Blackbird to create multiple customized menus.

What can it bring exactly to add a mega menu on your store? Improving the user experience, facilitating the navigation, making promotion : there are lots of good reasons for eMerchants to implement it.

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Magento Interview of January: Enrique Piatti

1/10/2017 - #development #ecommerce #extensions #magento


We start 2017 with our second Magento interview, after Pierre Fay (in French), we wanted to invite Enrique Piatti to answer our questions!

Enrique comes from Argentina and he is well known among the Magento community as the creator of Magicento, a Php Storm module that is definitely helping us at Blackbird Agency to save some precious time while coding on Magento. 

We wanted to know in which circumstances Magicento was created and also to know Enrique Piatti a little bit better!

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