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All in one place! Our best articles about Magento Extensions.

At Blackbird we love to share with you some tips and tricks to improve your eCommerce Skills on Magento 2, but also other indispensable things to know. We hope that our well thought out selection of TOP 5 Articles will help you to find the right answers for your questions!

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#1 - How to make a Product Listing with Hover images on Magento 2


For an eCommerce website, the thing that a customer will look at first are indeed the images of the product.
This article will help you to find out how to add new image role to complete the native features (base, small, thumbnail) by creating, for example, a special product listing image to add a hover effect..






#2 - Create Custom Logs on Magento 2


In this article you will discover a comparative analysis on how the logging system in Magento 2 is different to Magento 1, how it works, in what way to reclaim it and how make custom log files.






#3 - Create a Mega Menu on Magento 2  



Searching for an easy navigation on your online store? A navigation that allows you add entries to a Catalog View, to Editorial Contents or showcases Commercial Animations? Good! Because we have all the means to help you with that. Find all the information about the Magento 2 Extension called Advanced Mega Menu Manager, developed by Blackbird Agency.




#4 - The recipe for a good Data Model on Magento 2




What is Data Model? What is Resource Model? And Entity Manager? A 3-part written “tutorial” will answer at all this questions, and even more! 





#5 - Adding a Delivery Date on Magento 2 


Nowadays, responding to customer needs is the key for a successful online store. One of the crucial factors is the delivery time. It’s true that everyone is searching to purchase a high-quality, but also it is significant WHEN the item will arrive to its owner. That’s why our Agency, thought this through by developing an extension that is helping eTailers to calculate a realistic delivery time. Check out this article to learn more about Estimate Delivery Date for Magento 2.





That's All, Folks! After reading our TOP 5 Articles you have all the Information that might help you to improve your Future Projects on Magento 2. 

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Written by: Nicoleta Tepordei

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