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by: Joffrey Henocque

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can very well be worth a thousand sales. According to a study by Fevad, 64% of visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

In the online sales process, buyers need to be reassured and questions answered. This is where video comes in: as well as being attractive, it’ll make you stand out from the competition.


What does video bring?

According to a popcornvideo article gathering more than 140 video marketing statistics from reputable sources such as Youtube or Snapchat, 96% of consumers recognize that watching a video about a product is useful in the purchase decision process.

But that's not all! You’ll increase your traffic and your conversion rate, because the video brings:

  • A positive impact on SEO (see below for details on this)
  • A greater commitment – videos are up to 12 times more shared than a text/image combination
  • A better understanding of the product, eliminating consumer doubts, and therefore, a reduction in returns of goods

What are the different ways of integrating a video to sell a product?

The "on-click" video

In the traditional format, your video will be placed within the carousel of product images (on the homepage) or directly in the content of the product page, at the top of the description.

You’ll usually use this technique when your video is sharing new information: how to install the product, how to use it or check its size (worn on a mannequin, installed in a kitchen, etc.). It will therefore be quite short (from a few seconds to 2 minutes).

You’ll find this type of video integration on sites such as Castorama or Asos.

:white_check_mark: Strengths

  • Standard on most e-commerce platforms and CMS
  • Increase in conversion rate

:x: Weakness

  • Need to keep a short format (from a few seconds to 2 minutes)

Screenshot of Asos site

The "mouse-hover" video

As we know, the video starts when the user hovers over it with the mouse.

This integration is better placed on the product listing pages – ie it provides the user with a slightly more advanced overview of your product without additional clicks.

However, video duration is key:

  • Videos must be very short (a few seconds to a few tens of seconds)
  • Videos must have the same duration (within a few seconds), to establish cohesion and familiarity for users.

As for the design, don't worry about replacing your product listing with a YouTube-like page: you can continue to display still images for each product, and, on hover, replace the image with the video!

:white_check_mark: Strengths

  • Increase in the amount of time a visitor spends on your website
  • Increase in conversion rate

:x: Weaknesses

  • Requires small development on most platforms and CMS
  • Slight decrease in the number of sessions on data pages

The "full format" video

This format uses a full-frame video to showcase your product. Traditionally used by luxury or multimedia brands, this format is great for other areas, such as skincare, beauty or travel.

:white_check_mark: Strengths

  • Can be integrated on the homepage or on a product page
  • Very significant increase in conversion rate

:x: Weaknesses

  • Requires small development on most platforms and CMS
  • Greater investment needed to produce the video

How do I create a video that increases my conversion rates?

For a product page video to increase the conversion rate, it’s important to consider a few key points.

A video that increases conversion rates must be optimized for SEO

According to E-commerce Nation, a page that contains a video has an additional 53% chance of appearing on the first page of Google results. This is real positive, and it would be a shame to miss out. To achieve this, here are some SEO tips to apply:

  • The title: think about optimizing the title (you can use a specialized tool to help you) by thinking about what your customers search for when they make a query on search engines.
  • Description: If you host your video on a platform like YouTube, don't de-tag the description. This has a noticeable impact on the CTR.
  • Transcription: The transcription of the video is the text that allows crawlers to better understand your video for indexing. Transcription and subtitling also improve the accessibility of your content. According to Strategies magazine, 74% of internet users watch ads on Facebook with the sound disabled.

To increase conversion rates, a video must be high quality

The video represents your brand, so must be high quality and capture the user’s attention. But you don’t need to call on the professionals if the following key tips are followed:

  • Stabilize your lens (camera / smartphone) with a tripod placed on a stable and still area.
  • Prepare the shooting environment carefully
  • Add light
  • Plan the sequences to ensure flow
  • Film your product in action
  • Decrease the depth of fields (this will have the effect of blurring the background), to highlight your product
  • Be concise and get to the point
  • If using sound or comments, prepare and rehearse beforehand

And why not let your customers do it for you?

The innovative Solution in Nantes Teester makes it possible to obtain authentic, relevant and qualitative videos made directly by the consumer.

Thanks to the Teestersolution, customers will be able to issue a product review on video after making their purchase. The videos collected by  Teester  are analyzed and the most relevant ones are automatically uploaded to your product page.

OK, what's next?

So, you understand the benefits of video and want to increase your conversion rate, but maybe you’re not sure where to start?
Don’t panic, our team of Magento experts is ready to help. Contact us directly by email at hello@bird.eu.

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