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This extension is a stock management tool dedicated to admins and webmasters of Magento 1.x eCommerce.

Admin Stock Alert sends reports by email when some products run out of stock or reach low levels of stock as well.
This conditional alert is based on product attributes (color, brand, size... ) and their inventory attributes (in stock, quantity).

As a user, you define the conditions according to your needs. Then you will receive a daily or weekly email when the products reach the threshold.

How it works :

The extension works like the conditional promotion tool, natively available in Magento.
First step is about selecting the conditions.

For example: I want to be informed when the products of the brand XYZ reach the threshold of 10 items.
I want to know when product with “red” as color attribute run out of stock, or when there are only 4 blue t shirts left.

blue teeshirt

→ All combinations are possible as we can add all the existing attributes.

Once the Stock Alert is defined, you can either create alerts for other products or set the frequency of the email notification. The cron will check the conditions and send the report when the condition is met :

once a day → select at what time
once a week → select which day and at what time

It is also possible to personalize the email by adding as many columns as necessary for a good understanding of the inventory overview.


email customization

The default template of email is customisable, so you can add other templates in different languages if the store has different store views for example.

Admin Stock Alert is a tool, easy to use for back office administrators who want relevant information about their stock situation.

For more information, find Admin Stock Alert on our store.
Read the documentation and try out the online demo

Written by: Caroline Bosc

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