Baptiste Bourzeix-Metzger

Front-End Developer

As a web worker for many years, I have practiced my poetry by developing and accompanying a number of projects within various web agencies in Strasbourg.
I joined "l'oiseau noir" :blackbird:  at the end of 2019 in order to practice my prose as a front-end developer.
Just like the blackbird, I am not afraid to face and overcome difficulties bigger than me in order to always perfect my technique and sharpen my knowledge in the field of e-commerce with Magento.
Outside the office, you will surely find me on the terrace, with a beer :bière:  by hand, on a bike :homme_à_vtt:  or on top of a climbing wall :homme_escalade:

Baptiste Bourzeix-Metzger - Front-End Developer
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Blackbird is a web agency specialized in the development of eCommerce websites. We are Magento Experts and we offer our services and advice for e-marketing, strategy, branding, deployment and methodology.

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